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I have tried to look for info on this topic on the forum and other places, but cannot see to find what I am looking for.
My script knowledge is pretty basic - so I am bit lost atm. Hopefully someone could give me some usefull insight.

So my challenge is:

I am using the lightmixer and CShading lightselect a lot.
Whenever I make an instance of a light I need to add that to the correct CShading Lightselect element.

I'd really want a script that checks what CShading lightselect element rest of the instances is added to.
So whenever I create an instance of a light - it ends up in the correct lightselect element (with the other instances) without me having to do anything.

This is basically how I like it to happen - i think;

I select a light - and hit the script button/hotkey.
1. It checks what lightselect element the light is in.
2. It creates and instance of that light and selects it
3. It adds that light to the lightselect element from #1.

I am struggling on checking what render elements a light or object is a part of.
Guess you will open the array of the elements and see if it exist in one of them?

No idea on how to do that.

Thanks for any help given!


I am currently learning max script and have and idea for a little script involving CScattter.
But I need the actions happening when pushing the "+" under "Distribute-on Objects" and "Instanced" objects". MaxListner do not record it and google was no help.

Does anybody know the actions (the little sting of text) that can be used in maxscript or where I can find it?


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