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General CG Discussion / Re: Scripting
« on: 2023-09-29, 08:54:59 »

just check max script help and search the web. and are good resources for script stuff if you are stuck.

Although this is has been the "I need help" section regarding Corona, here is a quickly written script as a start for you. It converts to Poly, adds a vertex weld modifier with a threshold of your choice (thres) and then collapses the stack:

Code: [Select]
thres=0.01 -- vertex weld threshold

for o in $selection do (

try (
format "Processing object '%1'\n"
ConvertTo o Editable_Poly
addmodifier o (vertexweld())
maxOps.CollapseNodeTo o 1 true
catch (
format "Error processing object '%1'\n"

Good Luck

It's a proof that Corona did not load at all. And at the end of the log (starting at 12:45:36) you can see a failed spawn attempt of the CoronaDRServer and a quite unambiguous line:

2023/09/22 12:45:59 INF: [14196] [25392] SYSTEM: Production renderer is changed to Missing Renderer. Previous messages are cleared.

I installed the corona render-NODE version

Not sure what you mean here. Could it be that you only installed DrServer accidentally? DrServer is just a "spawner" that launches and controls Max. You need a Max with fully installed Corona for that version to use it as render node - no matter if using BB or DrServer or any other client/server setup. You'd have to tick "3ds Max 2023" if you do a custom install. Reinstalling with the correct options should solve it.

Good Luck


at a first glance this looks to me as if the beast does not load Corona at all, or any old version. Can you post the max.log of the rendernode as well?

Good Luck

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Cryptomatte playground!
« on: 2023-09-20, 09:02:54 »
Still +1 (ever since Cryptomatte has been implemented). It's on top of my list of Corona's

"Missing/lost or unusable features (with the possible exception of a developers teapot scene)"

Good Luck


I could write quite a few lines bashing CoronaBitmap due to various issues (which are all logged). The dependency on the "Baked Procedural Maps" setting is just one of them. I currently even consider to use a script to automatically convert to standard bitmap whenever a scene is loaded. Only the out of core feature could be a reason to use it (and - the display quality in the viewport is slightly better with highres bitmaps, yes :).

Good Luck

Hi Maru,

we are not aware of any similar reports

we had some similar reports in the past which were related to iToo


I can confirm (equal or) longer loading times with Corona 10, depending on the scene. Tested with 3 standard scenes, mixed results:

Scene A (Some CBitbaps in the scene that I missed to eliminate or have been in Xreffed scenes/objects)
3:18 - Corona 9
5:09 - Corona 10

Scene A (Cbitmaps converted to std Bitmaps)
2:45 - Corona 9
3:12 - Corona 10

Scene B
2:41 - Corona 9
2:51 - Corona 10

Scene C
2:51 - Corona 9
2:53 - Corona 10

Out of core cache has been off, there are Xreffed scenes/objects in all scenes and yes - Itoo stuff as well. Everything loaded via network/UNC, using Max 2023.

Viewport settings should not make any difference since all viewport stuff starts after loading the scene. The time values are those reported by Max in the log, that is: the difference between the #filePreOpen and the #filePostOpen event.

Btw: And again CoronaBitmap making things worse.

Btw2: That more or less persistent "loading Corona assets" message is just some UI issue imho: Corona seems to use the "TempPrompt" of Max (I use it in scripts as well) and it just does not get cleared by some new message, in this case the last queued string just stays there.

Good Luck


I'm pretty sure those decals use CoronaBitmap. Be aware of the fact that CoronaBitmap uses the "Baked Prodcedural Maps" setting of the viewport configuration. Either change that value, or use standard bitmap - both options should work properly.

Good Luck

Hi Aram,

try to use those as the first two lines in the loop:

Code: [Select]

Usually you'd have to work with threads/background workers/timers because the UI is locked if you just execute the code without creating a new thread, this is a simple option that works often enough.

Good Luck

Whatever the outcome, Ill post back what it is, incase anyone else has the same issue.

Thanks for this!

Good Luck

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2023-07-19, 08:24:49 »
So when i try using it for an animation

At every frame change, the slaves get a new scene using DR currently, and they have to load/parse it. So if one frame of your scene needs a rendertime of 5 minutes, has a loading time of 3 minutes, parsing time of 2, then DR slaves cannot contribute. Corona Dr is unsuitable here due to the current concept.

Also see

Better to use Backburner or any other manager to distribute single frames to nodes.

Good Luck

I can't replicate this issue on my machine (3ds Max 2023, Corona 10).

It affects only Max 2024 (with its new "Data Image" button...) + CBitmap.

Good Luck


yes, you are creating animation keys running the script without using "animate off" and having autokey active.

Good Luck


Thanks for your work, just a note because I quickly looked at the script. As you have discovered, using the getClassInstances way is the best to go. I'd not just walk through the materials and convert if CoronaPhysicalMtl or Multisub classes are found ("for i in sceneMaterials do"), but just like this instead:

Code: [Select]
for i in getClassInstances CoronaPhysicalMtl do
p = convertToPhysicalMtl i
replaceInstances i p

This way you get all CoronaPhysicalMtls, even those plugged into a Blend material for example. And you do not have to care about supporting all classes able to handle multiple material inputs. Same of course when it comes to CoronaBitmap conversion. For the latter, you may examine Martin Geupels original Corona converter script. Search for function "convertCoronaBitmapToBitmap" and "convertFrom_CoronaBitmap". Not sure when looking at the license info in the header if you would be allowed to just copy convertFrom_CoronaBitmap().

And: please check "animate off" context :) You could wrap the entire script into one to make it easy :)

Good Luck

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