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Convert scene of Corona 10


I think there are significant issues with the Convert scene of Corona 10, which is even worse than the Convert scene of Corona 9.
For example:
I converted a cinema 4D material, which has Reflection mapping, refraction map, Bump mapping, and Normal mapping. Now all maps can't be converted with Convert scene, but only diffuse map.
I have been searching for a long time in my blog and found a plugin called Corona Tools. I think its functionality is very perfect, which can almost perfectly convert Cinema 4D materials to Corona materials. Unfortunately, it can only be used on Cinema 4D r19, which is very regrettable.
I hope this issue can be fixed. There are still many areas for improvement in the Convert scene function in Cinema 4d. I even think it's possible to copy all the options of the Corona Tools plugin, it's really almost perfect.

Hi there, the scene converter has always been somewhat ''experimental'' and we are well aware of it's issues. We are planning on giving this new life so please keep an eye out for when we do.


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