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Corona Renderer and the emergence of AI?

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I recently discovered and it's mind-blowing. Sure it's not perfect yet, but with how fast AI is evolving in leaps and bounds in only the past 6 months, I am sure it will reach critical mass within a year. I immediately thought "what do 3D renderer developers think about this?"  The implications are astounding and look like it will change the face of the 3D/2D/Film industry by orders of magnitude. I guess my question is: Does Corona have plans to incorporate AI into the pipeline? Are you guys worried about this new tech taking over in the 3D rendering space? I'd be keen to know what others here think of it and where they think Corona and other 3D renderers can go with this.

Chaos has the Innovation Labs and more, so AI is definitely being looked into in terms of what (if anything) could be useful.

The main item remaining is "specificity". That is, AI can generate "a room" or "a house", but not "this particular room" or "this particular house", which does not meet the needs of most clients (and this applies to reroom too, which takes liberties with results - and those results are 2D so not amenable to taking back into 3D... right now it just serves as a quick way to create mood boards for the client to choose a general look which would then need reimplementing in the 3D scene).

Anyway, the progress of AI is being closely followed, and ways in which it might be of actual practical useable-right-now value to our users are being looked into. As for what emerges from that, only time will tell :)

The most beneficial would be ai upscaylers, but you can already use them outside of corona(though they're still ain't great, but apparently there's that new thing called ControlNet tile upscale which produces some nice results, haven't played around with it that much thou)

how about generating furniture or vegitation. That doesn't need to be accurate to the degree that clients aren't happy.

Or even better: An input-voice command for doing "anything" you want. The soft executes.

I'd rather talk to my computer and have it do things for me than having a million clicks or not understanding where a problem comes from.

"Make the materials a little lighter" - done
"Turn off translucency for all materials that start with veg in front" - done
"Select all objects with more then 500K polygons and generate proxies for them"

The only thing left would be "Make me a coffee".

You see where i'm getting at? It's not just about the house I reckon, it's about the whole package. Kitbashing is going to luv AI and arch viz pple might need some training in kitbashing instead of drawing everything out in accuracy to the degree no one will notice / care.


--- Quote from: 3dboomerang on 2023-06-07, 16:27:34 ---
"Turn off translucency for all materials that start with veg in front" - done
"Select all objects with more then 500K polygons and generate proxies for them"

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ChatGPT is ok at maxscript.  It could probably produce snippets for you. This isnt really a corona thing its a Max thing.


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