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Stop vs cancel when you want to resume from cxr file

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If you used Cancel, then yes only the calculations in the last night of the 3 would be used for denoising. Most likely this would be enough though, and you wouldn't notice any difference compared to saving the denoising calculations with a "Stop" on the first two nights, thus building up denoising info from all 3 nights. If you're going to render 500 passes at once, then 2 passes later, best save that denoising with a stop, of course :) But if your "last run" is going to have a significant enough number of passes, the denoising data will do its thing just fine.

So choose which you prefer. "Stop" is the guaranteed safest, but "Cancel" in the earlier start-and-end render sessions will give the same results to the eye in most cases, so nothing to stress about whichever route you choose.

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Great! Thank you both for your answers. I think everything is super clear now and I am happy that accidentaly I have found a small bug.



We have fixed this bug in v10 RC2 :)

You can find it here:




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