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Stop vs cancel when you want to resume from cxr file

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It is always confusing to me if we have to press "stop" or "cancel" when we need to stop the render and resume it from the cxr file later.
In the updated "Corona Knowledge Base" web page it clearly states that you have to press "Stop". However, on the included video on that page, which is old, the user presses "Cancel".
Ofcourse, the difference between "Stop" and "Cancel" is the denoising part. If you press "Cancel" and then you resume from the cxr file, you get a warning about missing elements. I don't know if you get that warning in the case you pressed "Stop".

I know that there are a lot of old posts regarding this, however, I feel that none of them clearly states what you have to press in order to not get that warning, render your image and denoise it at the end without issues.

So, what is the official answer to this? "Stop" or "Cancel"?


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Anyone please?

TBH doesn't matter really, dependent if you want denoising to happen there when you know you are going to run more passes on it later (might just want to save the time so go with Cancel). I don't recall there being any visible difference in tests I did some time ago on this when resuming.

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Hello Thomas,

So what if I want/need to render my image in 3 equal time segments? For example, 6 hours per night. Only the passes of the last segment will actually affect the denoise result?

Thank you!


I understand your issue and confusion. The error should only appear when you use the "Cancel" button instead of the "Stop" button, because when you use the "Stop" button, denoising is calculated and stored with some hidden internal render elements in the CXR file. However, there is no denoising part happening when you use the "Cancel" button, hence the error.

Upon further investigation, we found that the error is still showing even if you are using the "Stop" button. We have logged this as a bug report in our system and will be further reviewed by our devs.

In the future, if you want to resume rendering for your files, consider using the "Stop" button, as this will save the necessary information for denoising to be used later.

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