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Material Node Graph Performance Profiler(toggle)


A toggle to show the computation time of the nodes.
It'd be nice to have something like that:

What are those times, Eddoron? This is something that I think wouldn't be useful too much. Rendering a preview of the shader might take a different amount of time than sampling the shader during the production rendering itself. Besides, this is not possible to do with C4D or third-party shaders.

ok, compromise. just show the time for the material.
as there are always multiple ways to create materials with the same look, it would be neat to see which way is more efficient.

I'd even be happy if it showed me a 1-5 star rating for the currently connected node graph. the values aren't that important, only the difference.
Since you can have the timings shown in the xpresso nodes, I assumed that it wouldn't be an impossible task.

The argument of efficiency in preview vs. during real rendering still holds. To see a real efficiency of the material, we'd have to somehow simulate real rendering.

I guess it might be possible to run a supersampled approximation scene in the background, but then again, it's too much hassle just for that.

What about an optional info channel of the rendering which shows pixel variance per material(/id) with a drastically reduced bounce number as a blue-red gradient?

What about memory-display instead of MS? Same problem?


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