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--- Quote from: sprayer on 2019-05-09, 06:58:56 ---SairesArt
Did you setup AMD config? They really have magic working fast on faster RAM also RAM slot have similar magic what half speed ram clock if you wrong place in modules slot

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Yes, I'm an AMD guy since forever :]
Indeed, with how the Zen architecture ties much of it's internals to RAM speed, it does have a surprising amount of speed up with faster RAM, which is why I paid premium for 3200mhz RAM and OC'd it to 3400. And you are correct, mistaking the RAM slot order (I mean they are color coordinated, that's hard to do) does prevent multi channel functionality of RAM, definitely showing a performance hit.

My point was to counter the "if you don't have Quad channel, you have half the performance", which is untrue in the sense of measuring real world performance.
I don't have a QuadChannel system, but I urge someone to do a comparison on the Corona benchmark.
You will not have any performance difference between dual channel and quad channel on the corona benchmark.


--- Quote from: maru on 2019-04-02, 17:54:06 ---What RAM frequency do you have in your Threadripper PC? It has to be at least 2933 MHz to get good performance, and generally the higher the frequency, the better.

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Hmm annoying, I was told by my system builder to go with the 2666mhz ram with my latest 32 core 3990X threadripper for stability. Reckoned the higher core count CPUs had problems with faster RAM. Its pretty stable, I'll give them that but I did think that everything I read is saying faster ram is better performance with threadripper. Mind you I remember benching it when I got it and it was giving similar results to reviews I'd read. Also they advised on filling all the RAM slots (8x16).

Looking at getting a new build with the 64 core threadripper and probably the 3200mhz RAM. Does that sound like a good combo and going for 4x32gb RAM for potential upgrade possibility. Is this fine to do performance / stability wise? TBH stability is the key driver, nothing worse than a flakey machine.

I do get quite a bit of lag with interactive sometimes, especially with heavier scenes, so perhaps thats where the faster RAM would help speed things up, feeding the CPU. The interactive often starts then there is quite a wait and the CPU usage drops, then finally picks up again and the passes also pick up.

Thanks for the helpful thread!

I have a 3990x too, there is a limit of ram speed for that CPU, because the lag on interactive I use a 3970x for actual work and only the 3990x for production, both machines with 256gigs of ram, i read somewhere that the 3990x has a lower clock than 3970x and that's why it take much more time to achieve the turbo boost top speed and that's why I change back to the 3970x



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