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override material exclusion by material

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Can I also add; a way to have material override only effect objects that dont have a material on them. Essentially a way to determine the material used for the default grey applied to material free objects.

Rhodesy, you can already do that by changing Default Object Color (project settings / ctrl+d), Corona conforms accordingly (meaning - it respects the Color set).

Hmmm, am not sure, but it might be possible to use cinema's own Material Override module with Corona engine?
For starters it would just need to be exposed when changing engines, for first iteration custom materials would suffice, after (if it goes well) Preservation could be adapted to conform with Coronas channels... just a naive thought

Oh... yes! it works already (also include/exclude), you can set it with standard/physical engine & then switch back to Corona ;)

for channels will investigate further

old thread, but I feel like this was forgotten?  Will it be possible to exclude certain materials from being overridden?

Extra exclusions were added a few versions ago so you can tell it not to override glass, for example, and light materials. That was taken as covering 95% of what people want to use "avoid overriding this material" for.

+1 from me. I'd love to see the possibility for mtl override exclusion option (preferably material based, like Vray). I'm just making concept visuals for the interior project and I would love to see it semi-overridden - all furniture white/clay and just floor/walls materials visible. To do so I have to remove all materials from the placed objects and leave them only on the floor - a lot of unnecessary work, would be  great to have a 'button' for it :)



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