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[Max] Bug Reporting / Polygon count problem in proxy
« on: 2021-09-25, 08:35:08 »
After converting to proxy 3ds Max shows polygon number as a number of verts and number of verts as polys number (in full mesh display mode). Maybe it's the reason that point cache is not working on a static proxy object. (Max 2022, Corona 7)

News / Re: Sad News
« on: 2019-12-12, 01:52:36 »
Sad. :(

Fully agree with Njen.

Photoshop's Autotone Autolevels Autocolor buttons are for non professional users. It's not me, it's Den Margolis ;)
As I understand you want to make using such button by default. Strange way of thinking as for me.

You may add such button (as Photoshop), or at least to give to user possibility to choose what default he would like.

The main question is not "What to do?", but "To do or not to do?".

PS. The battle Nikon-Cannon-Corona will be funny.

PPS. They are not stupid in Adobe. Don't change the default.

Not, of course. I'd like to manage 32 bit images, not just convert. This way I may to get incredible things from one plane only. Just need to learn to draw in 32 bit, for getting in 10 minutes exactly what you expect. ;) 
But there is for another thread. Thank you.

Here is a point. As was noted by Romullus in my tests (attached before) photoshop gives wrong RGB values when you export to 32 Bit and it leads to wrong displacement values.  It's clearly visible in render. What program can I use for correct export to 32 Bit?

Hi Dubcat.

Nice if you get displacement map from scaner. But it's not usual case in real work.
For example palm bark from evermotion looks completely flat comparing to real palms in our area. The question is what to do if I'd like to edit displacement map?

I made it in 8 bit before (attached), but after your threads about megascans and substance I think that 32 Bit will give me better result. So what to do?

You are right. There are bad news. Photoshop really change RGB at converting to 32 Bit. So what to do? Is PNG 16Bit enough for displacement? Is it better then jpg or it's the same? Or may be there is some special way for converting to 32 Bit?

EDIT: Just some interesting tests in photoshop: Image converted to 32 Bit  has same lightness value in Lab mode, but in RGB mode change RGB values completely. Applying gamma 2.2 makes RGB values closer to original values (not the same), but change completely lightness value in Lab mode. :(

Friends, don't leave this thread. It's really important.
What will be conclusion about 32 bit textures? Do I need to override gamma 0.4545? (the test is in previous post)

3ds max 14. I tested that in all computers. Can't see tooltips in subsections, only main tooltips. Corona 1.5 Windows 7 & 8.1  It's strange.

Hi astudio,

Tooltips for all of those exist - but they only show up when the values are active (not greyed out) - that is, Sensor shows when DoF is enabled, and the MoBlur ones when either Enable camera or Enable geometry is active. Are they not showing up for you at all? Or do you mean they aren't easily understood?


They are not showing at all. May be it fixed in 1.5.1 . I use 1.5.
Why do you disable tooltips for disabled futures? For me it's some kind of help file. I may learn things without actually using the function.

[Max] I need help! / Hotkeys
« on: 2016-11-15, 13:47:05 »
Is there any way to create hotkeys for show VFB and start/stop interactive?

Depth of field - Sensor width
Motion blur - We have tooltip for enable checkboxes, but haven't  it for Transform segments, Geometry segments, Frame offset  ;)

Ok. 1 & 2 is clear. We need load it with gamma 1.0.
I prepared texture in photoshop with 25, 50, 75% and 100% brightness. With override 1.0 it works correctly, with automatic loading (2.2) - not. Png 8 and 16 bits - the same.
I attach it for proof :).

3. I converted this texture in 32 Bit, saved it as hdr.  Here Juraj wrote: "For full quality disp, use the .exr file, loaded with gamma 1.0 of course. Not rocket science is going on."
I tested it - gamma 1 (or automatic, doesn't matter) gives me the same result as jpg with gamma 2.2. For correct result I need to load it with inversed gamma 0.454545.
What do I miss? How to store image in 32 Bit?

PS. BTW tiff is not working at all. Good to know.

Thank you. Now it's really clear.

Let's over to displacement map. (I don't ask about normal map for now)

1. As I understand, we load it with gamma override 1.0, if we get it from trusted source like Megascans.
2. If we just draw it in photoshop, or render it from z-buffer and store it as jpg we must load it as sRGB.
3. If we store it in exr we load it with gamma override 1.0.
4. Is there a way to know a gamma of image from unknown sourse (jpg, png, tif).

PS. I have a feeling that I'm the only stupid user in this forum, but I'm sure that it will useful for all of us. The problem is that there are  a lot of different terms for same thing, and same term for different things (especially in optics). I just want to avoid inaccuracies.

Does it mean that my 50%grey photoshop texture I nead to load with gamma override 1.0 to have visually same 50%grey texture in render? (sorry, that I ask for such oversimplified answer).

OR. Do i need to load my texture Automatic (recomended) and 3dsmax will translate it to linear by itself?

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