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[Max] Bug Reporting / Polygon count problem in proxy
« on: 2021-09-25, 08:35:08 »
After converting to proxy 3ds Max shows polygon number as a number of verts and number of verts as polys number (in full mesh display mode). Maybe it's the reason that point cache is not working on a static proxy object. (Max 2022, Corona 7)

[Max] I need help! / Hotkeys
« on: 2016-11-15, 13:47:05 »
Is there any way to create hotkeys for show VFB and start/stop interactive?

Please in simple words if possible.

There is no glossy in my test. IOR=1

Would be nice to see unchanged background (environment override) without rerender.,13838.0.html

[Max] I need help! / Excluding background from POST
« on: 2016-11-09, 20:23:44 »
I need to prepare new basic material library for PBR materials.

Is there any way to exclude environment map or direct visibility override map from post?

May be there is another workflow for tweaking materials by comparing with reference photo?

I think it will be useful to have an option for automatic darkening of diffuse depended from glossy value.

Just to keep overall brightness of material the same. This may be some button. Don't need - don't press. Is it possible at all?

This would be good for work with clients. It's very hard to explain to constructor the theory of lighting, when he will ask: "I asked only polish, why it is brighter now?"

May be there was such thread here but "Due to high stress on the server, the search function has been automatically and temporarily disabled."

As I understand new suggested workflow is to keep reflection color pure white and manage reflection by refl.glossiness map. Isn't it?
From my test making it brighter increase reflection and reduce glossy. Isn't it?

How to get a material with strong reflectivity but still glossy? As old paper for example. Not white but still reflective. And what differnt will be between old paper and old wood material. Let's leave a diffuse aside.

There is not old good glossy map. And I want to keep IOR physically correct.

How to get a material with low reflectivity and without glossy at all?

Usually I know the reflectivity from reference book. I have a diffuse, I know reflectivity in %which I need and now I need to keep reflectivity and add some glossiness. What will be my workflow?
Is it really simlper then old reflection and glossy map?

Dear friends. It will be long read on bad english...
Everything IMHO.

I have a lot of conversation with 3D users which begin from "sorry for stupid question". By the way I have a lot of stupid questions by myself.

The best answer to question "Why Corona and not VRay?" was "Because Corona is much more simpler. Just pick render button".
But it was before... Let's remember that your main client is not 3d Guru, but 20 years old boy with 5 month of experience, which works in arch. office and must to give quick result.
Let's remember that the best vray version was 1.09. It was simple, fast engine which gave great "milky" renders. Now vray much more programmers geek and not user friendly program.

I tried to understand your RGB - sRGB connections (picker, CoronaMix texture, CoronaColor, etc.). We need a really solid base to understand this.

I sure 90% of users don't understand which color space to use and why, and when.... And more... 80% of users don't know about existence of different color spaces. Just pick color in photoshop and go on..
I understand that this is only way to get right color in max, but most of users didn't know about this problem. And you don't explain it

I think it's a time to give to community a simple user guide in terms of brighter-darker (even not reflectivity, glossiness, LUT and so on). Something like "for getting same color as in photoshop pick color in photoshop - check sRGB button - put numbers into" and so on. For users it's not interesting why, it's interesting what to do... 

All of you speak same Corona language. But we are not. To begin to google the answers is a good reason for suicide. Everyone names same things in his own way. A lot of charts, a lot of physics...
Damn, I don't need to know why I need to separate color channels in output for metals. Just tell me how to separate and I'll do it.

My feature request - to make things simpler. As Corona Converter. Even simpler.  I think the best way is to take a girl with pink bows to write this user guide. Only thing- she must not to be a programmer, or 3d artist or so on.. And with pictures of pink pony in different light conditions. ;)

PS. You have a lot of blending modes (there is not Color :( blending mode) in ColorMix Material. You have more modes then Photoshop has. Why? Because you can. Did you check if somebody somewhere sometimes used vivid light or pin light?

PPS. I'm in 3D business 22 years (from second version of 3D Studio for DOS). I made about 8000 arch. projects.  Do you know that 90% of clients sure that glass in building must be blue and don't interesting in IOR, fresnel etc.?

PPPS. I want to back to the times with pony pictures in this forum.

Sorry for longread...

[Max] I need help! / picker RGB / sRGB
« on: 2016-10-25, 23:59:08 »
What does it mean "Mono" in pixel information? Is it luminosity value in RGB space? Can I get this info in sRGB?
Is there any way to get average luminosity value of bitmap in preview in material editor? May be some plugin?

PS. How to get this color picker? Is it from daily build?,13570.0.html

In 1.5 Ctexmap (ambient occlusion) is very bright comparing to 1.4.1.
Gamma issue?

When we save render output we get the current project folder by default and this is OK. When I save LightMix.conf or Postprocess.conf I get by default the folder of last save of config files (usually it is previous project). By a logic default directory must be same as a render output directory, I think...

There is only RGB values for now, but I can't even imagine when and how to use it. HSB much more better for comparing colors. Is it possible to add HSB value?

[Max] Resolved Feature Requests / Post production
« on: 2016-09-04, 12:09:16 »
I just saw 1.5 post options in new tutorial. Very impressive, but...

I have a number of cameras in every project. Every view has it's own option for post. Now it's only 4 parameters which I just store in camera name. Like "Camera 01 -75 (1.6-1-6500-2)"

In 1.5 it will be much more parameters. Without button to save post production parameters per view, it's just impossible to make same looking picture every time.
Most of clients will say that "2 versions before it was better".

Please, give the option to store parameters.

PS. EXR colormaped is very large for store. This way I'll end the harddrive  per week.

It was my mistake to have in scene 2 cameras with same name. But anyway it looks strange... As I understand other nodes don't check which viewport was selected and checked only camera's name.

[Max] Feature Requests / Corona Scatter preview colors
« on: 2016-08-29, 18:39:09 »
Is it possible to have dot's clouds colored in wire color of original scattered objects?
Now I have all dots in color of scatter object itself. It's impossible to manage scatter without render :(

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