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Martin Janousek:

this is old issue for our studio appearing since the beginning of 2.5 displacement. We often get 3d models from clients made in Archicad or Sketchup, with a lot of different (sometimes not correct) geometry. And using the new displacement we have issues with strange triangle artifacts as if the geometry was somehow broken or something. Usually we resolved it by using the old 3d displacement. But with the latest Corona this in no longer possible.
Sometimes we remodel the specific geometry parts but it's extra time for us. Is there any effective way to deal with this? Thank you!

Maybe this helps:

Good Luck

Martin Janousek:

--- Quote from: Frood on 2022-01-14, 15:57:10 ---Maybe this helps:

Good Luck

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Hi, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately this subdivision method doesn't always work the best. Also would prefer not to do changes to geometry if it's possible to deal with this through the material/renderer itself. As it was possible earlier with proper 3d displacement method.

In this kind of situation I use Grider script to subdivide exported from Archicad mesh

I've highlighted this before and will highlight again.  Removing the old displacement was a terrible move.  It fixed a lot of problems with displacement that are evidently still there, like the one highlighted in this thread.  Subdivision is not the answer.  It's ugly, messy and adds uneccessary geometry to heavy scenes.  It looks horrendous on clay wire renders too, and they're used all the time for previz in a lot of arch Viz workflows.  Currently displacement only works on ultra clean meshes, terribly subdivided meshes, or meshes so dense that you can't see the problem.  Its madness to me that the old method was removed - because it worked.  Simple as that.  Now it's gone, you can't fix these current issues without workarounds.  That's a step backwards, not forwards


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