Author Topic: Archicad 21 - shortcut problem  (Read 3330 times)

2018-11-22, 10:13:52


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Hey there, i have the following bug to report.
I use the number keys - 1,2,3 and 4 as shortcuts in the working environment of Archicad. The software does not have problems to use the numbers as numbers when needed and as shortcuts when drawing. For corona to accept numeric input in it's menus i need to use the Numpad Keys / Numbers. The standard 1 to 4 keys are not working and not entering any input.

2018-12-03, 10:03:25
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Jan Špaček

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Hi, thank you for the bug report. This bug has already been reported: I've moved your post to the "bugs" section of the forum.

2019-08-08, 08:45:24
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This topic is duplicated and we are looking for the solution ( it's a bit tricky ). Moving this issue and info about the status of this topic will be communicated in the release notes...