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Deformation motion blur

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Many years ago I already asked about this feature. As I understood, it is still missing in Corona and there are no plans to add it in the near future. I am sorry if I am wrong.  But if I am right, I don't understand why it hasn't been added yet.
Is it because Corona is mainly for archiviz? Or because users don't ask about the feature  often?

In my opinion it is very basic future.
I don't know render engine which would not have this feature.
Cinema physical - Yes.
Vray- Yes.
Arnold - Yes.
Octane - Yes.
Redshift - Yes.
Cycles - Yes.
Cycles 4d - Yes.
Centileo - Yes.
Pro render - Yes.
Luxcore - No.
Corona for 3d MAX - YES!!! (or no?)

Only Corona for Cinema 4d dosen't have.

So my question is... Are there plans to add this basic feature or not?

This was asked so many times. Chaos/Corona knows we users want it.
But if you ask me, it is a political decision to have a difference between Corona and Vray. So I assume that Corona will never have that.


--- Quote from: Endorphine on 2022-10-07, 15:30:11 ---Corona for 3d MAX - YES!!! (or no?)

--- End quote ---

Unfortunately no, Corona for 3ds Max does not support deformational motion blur either.


Deformation motion blur has been working just fine since ages (e.g. animate a bending object).

What does not work is motion blur for objects with changing topology (changing number of vertices/polys). If you animate something like a new segment growing out of an object, or an object changing its number of vertices, this won't work. Is this the main concern in this topic?


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