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Moving vertices while IR is on is crashing max 2020.



I always try to stop IR before moving vertices but I get the crash so many times in a day cause I just don't remember to do it.

I would like to know if this happens with latest version of 3dsmax too? If not I will upgrade.

Which version of Corona are you using?
How exactly to reproduce the issue?
I could try it on Max 2021-2023, is it enough to just create a box or any simple geometry, start IR, and move the vertices?

Sorry, I should have been more precise. It happens to me when I create splines for floor generator plugin. When the floor is ready and I want to adjust it moving spline vertices the max crashes. It's a bit annoying for me cause I use floor generator a lot. And I am used to have IR on when doing adjustments.

Does not crash for me in Max 2023.1

Thanks for the info. I'll have to install 2023 then.


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