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How should the frame buffer look?

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Here are some mockups of the new Virtual frame buffer done in Photoshop. Which layout/configuration/style do you like the best? Or do you have any other idea how it should look?

Different background colors of some buttons in some images are to be displayed when the button is clicked/focused.

There could be a switch between the first and second variant (show/hide textual labels)

Ludvik Koutny:
Worth to mention that my recent version (two upper images with rounded corners buttons) are intended to be collapsible (toggle between icons only and icons+text mode) and that this version will also contain render elements dropdown box. It is missing as it's just a mockup.

I vote for horizontal arrangement

Horizontal, and please... small buttons ;) i don't need fancy colorful buttons which look completely different to maxs ui - i hate it when plugin developers do that

I prefer the horizontal style and small ones, not so graphic but i prefer to see more options inside than it is actually.


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