Author Topic: Corona Renderer 7 for Cinema 4D daily build  (Read 8589 times)

2020-11-27, 13:28:56
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Hi, no need to apologize for your English, you're doing just fine. ;) Unfortunately, this is a known issue that we hope to have resolved in a future release.

Thank you very much,
I don't know if it will be useful to you, but the last version that works is 5 rc2, from that moment on no update has worked correctly. Hope this can help you solve: a change made in version 5 rc3.


2020-11-29, 20:11:34
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@nightwalker I had this issues some time ago, but then it went away. Have you tried selecting a different window layout in C4D? For example, select Animation just to see if changing the layout will bring back the full menu bar for the Corona window. I think I also had this issue with a plug-in in After Effects and this was the only way to get access to the full window that popped-up.