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Do I understand this correctly, you need to be on the latest daily to get the latest Cosmos assets?
My understanding is that the cosmos browser is “just” a browser. The latest (updated) assets are loaded from the cosmos server.
Is that not the case?
What are these “updates” when opening the cosmos browser then?

[C4D] Bug Reporting / Re: Ongoing Tonemapping problems...
« on: 2022-08-26, 03:47:48 »
"may I ask why you choose the PV over the VFB?”

Navigating an image in the VFB is extremely clunky.
No need to repeat the zoom issues that many complained about for years.
Pan left/ right using a scrollbar???  That maybe was cool in the 90’s?!
I would use the VFB if image navigation works the exact same as in PV.

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: I couldn't open it suddenly
« on: 2022-08-19, 19:21:52 »
I think the keyword here is “suddenly”.
This happens to me too, on a semi regular basis.
Cosmos browser works fine for hours, then suddenly I get the “There is a problem with Chaos Cosmos” msg with the “reload” button. Reload > window goes blank.
Sometimes it comes back after 30 min or the next morning.
Happened this morning, Aug. 19, at 11:10 am EST/ UTC -5
At 1:12 pm EST Cosmos loaded normally again. (maybe check your server logs)
It feels like the Cosmos server is overwhelmed and goes dark every now and then.
If this is licence related wouldn’t this also impact rendering? I can render just fine while Cosmos is not accessible.
I have a very stable & fast internet connection, no AV, no firewall blocking.
MacOs 10.15.7 / Cor V8 HF1

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Cosmos available materials
« on: 2022-08-08, 20:56:36 »
Ah ok, in that case call everybody back from vacation early. We are not paying you guys to lay on the beach and get drunk!
I’m going to the beach now. Thanks.

[C4D] General Discussion / Cosmos available materials
« on: 2022-08-08, 18:08:13 »
Hi Corona team,
I’m wondering about the large difference in available materials in the c4d cosmos browser compared to what’s shown on the Chaos Cosmos website.
For example “Fabric” only has the same 10 assets since V8 release about 4 months ago, compared to 540 assets shown on  Car paints, decals, etc are completely missing.
All in all, website shows 1172 materials, actual available in c4d 201…
Realistically, I’m not expecting to hear a definite date when these assets will be available to us, but maybe you can poke the Chaos Cosmos Team to not forget about us??? Thanks!

Not sure how deep you want to dive into your rugs ;-) but this tut is a must watch…
For max, but the principles apply. 

It’s always these sharp edges on rugs that are a dead giveaway. Also make sure your actual texture is a large enough sample to avoid obvious tiling.
I would experiment with a mixture of rug texture and corona hair to get better detail, variation and realism.

It works now. Thanks!

Thanks Tom, looking forward...

macOs 10.15.7 / S24/ Version • 8 (Hotfix 1)
Since upgrading to hotfix 1 on Monday, Cosmos browser shows only the famous blank window. Today (Wednesday) “update to latest…" popped up and after updating, I only get
“There is a problem with Chaos Cosmos — undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘r.includes’)”
I only updated to hotfix 1 to see if this fixed the “immutable shader” issue.
So, Cosmos went from unusable in TR to completely unusable.
Is there a more stable solution planned? How do I switch to using my OS default web browser instead of the C4D built in cosmos browser?

It might be too obvious but did you set the renderer to Corona?

Thanks Stefan,
this is a real life / time saver! Very useful!

Hi Beanz,
any updates on this?
I checked the chaos help and can’t find out how to configure the cosmos browser installed on the nodes.
How do I make sure on the nodes with just TR client installed that Cosmos is looking in the right network folder for assets? 
MacOs 10.15.7/ S24/ Cor V8

The COSMOS browser opens in a regular C4D window. I can rename the window and then it shows up, BUT it doesn't survive a restart.
If the window can be named just like the Corona material library, that would be great. Thanks! 

Instead of moving windows around to find the Cosmos browser, you could bring it to the front by clicking in the window menu, but it doesn't show up. Same in C4D dock icon context menu.
macOs 10.15.7. / C4D S24/ COR V8

[C4D] Feature Requests / Re: Materials and node editor
« on: 2022-06-05, 01:58:22 »
I know this thread is “old” but it needs to be revived…
I agree with all of the above, especially this:
"By the way, I think making "base layer" such a long/tall tab, putting together diffuse, glossiness, ior, edge, bump, anisotropy and rotation of the anisotropic highlight was a terrible mistake. It was so much cleaner when they were in separate tabs, there was no need to scroll to look for it (and i also find scrolling in this menus kinda risky, because you can end up scrolling a floating slider or a drop-down menu)." 

Quite right - from a user experience point of view it hides the common settings, but keeps the occasional settings visible. The old way was cleaner and involved less clicks.

"I don't really see the point of having the normal map under the bump channel. To apply a normal map you have to go to base layer, scroll down to bump, enable it, click texture -> plugins -> corona -> normal. Wouldn't it be easier to have it as a category"

Definitely agree.
Yes, yes and yes!
Corona became a huge success, mostly because of it’s ease-of-use approach and of course it’s good looks ;-)
Now it’s starting to add more complexity for NO apparent reason. The goal should be “Less Clicks, Less Scroll = Faster Workflow”

What’s up with the “Enable” checkbox for Bump, disabled by default? Why? Unless you render black holes for a living, every material on planet earth has some kind of “bump”.
In the spirit of “Less Clicks”, can the default be set to “enabled”?
Also, “EDIT” button in the PV/ post process/ tone mapping? I use tone mapping EVERY day, but never used “sharpening”
Shouldn’t tone mapping be there by default and “EDIT” for less used features?

The Corona team has an entire army of unpaid but very active “daily” testers at their disposal.
Getting valuable user input BEFORE spending countless man-hours coding, by maybe showing mockups of planned features/ layouts could be a win/win for all.
I hope you take this into consideration when re-working the VFB - Yes, outdated zoom buttons and scroll bars, I’m looking at you… 

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