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[C4D] General Discussion / Cosmos available materials
« on: 2022-08-08, 18:08:13 »
Hi Corona team,
I’m wondering about the large difference in available materials in the c4d cosmos browser compared to what’s shown on the Chaos Cosmos website.
For example “Fabric” only has the same 10 assets since V8 release about 4 months ago, compared to 540 assets shown on  Car paints, decals, etc are completely missing.
All in all, website shows 1172 materials, actual available in c4d 201…
Realistically, I’m not expecting to hear a definite date when these assets will be available to us, but maybe you can poke the Chaos Cosmos Team to not forget about us??? Thanks!

macOs 10.15.7 / S24/ Version • 8 (Hotfix 1)
Since upgrading to hotfix 1 on Monday, Cosmos browser shows only the famous blank window. Today (Wednesday) “update to latest…" popped up and after updating, I only get
“There is a problem with Chaos Cosmos — undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘r.includes’)”
I only updated to hotfix 1 to see if this fixed the “immutable shader” issue.
So, Cosmos went from unusable in TR to completely unusable.
Is there a more stable solution planned? How do I switch to using my OS default web browser instead of the C4D built in cosmos browser?

I’m late to the V8 game, so this is probably a known bug, but some assets render correctly on single machine but not in TR.
That’s a real joy, when you are pressed for time and use Cosmos assets - do a quick low res single machine render and then a full rez TR render overnight.
How fun when the next morning half your garden was rendered with the “nuclear winter pro" preset… There goes your deadline. 
This seems to happen to assets that use the opacity layer.
macOS 10.15.7 / S24/ V8

Please name the Cosmos browser window.
At least on macOs the browser window does not show up in C4D>Window or the dock icon context menu.

[C4D] General Discussion / Corona c4d helpdesk
« on: 2022-04-20, 00:44:36 »
What happened to the Corona c4d helpdesk?
My bookmarked link gets lost on the Chaos site…
Corona not showing up on the “help portal”
Can you please post a direct link? Thanks!

[C4D] Daily Builds / Cosmos asset features
« on: 2022-03-25, 16:47:27 »
When Cosmos first got announced on the blog I went to the Chaos site to find out what it actually is.
They mentioned “Smart Assets” and I got excited thinking these assets will have some kind of LOD (level of detail) feature.
Turns out the “smart” aspect is just that they come in as proxies. Is that it? …my fault if I can’t read.
For example, If you work in archviz I don’t think you’ll find any hero assets in the furniture section but they could be useful as fillers, far in the background.
In that case “hi-res” textures, high poly mesh etc is not needed and could be replaced with simple color and low poly mesh.
Sure this can all be done by hand as we already (should) do, but it would be a great timesaver if these assets come in different LOD’s or they are really smart and sense their distance to cam and pull in what’s needed. Just daydreaming here…
My question: Since Cosmos is a Chaos thing, is there any point in making feature requests in this forum?
How much is the corona team involved in the feature development in cosmos, or you guys just “make it work” in corona?

[C4D] I need help! / Mask for light material
« on: 2022-03-14, 18:01:06 »
I use a Corona sky w/ HDRi for lighting and a c4d-sky w/ light material -no emit light -tonemap shader sky image (Comp tag: only seen by cam, buffer 1). See attached. ** I need a mask for the c4d-sky image.
Double-checked all checkboxes…
I get the mask layer but no mask. What am I missing?

First off, let me say that I understand that Corona needs to raise prices since everything else around us is getting more expensive.
Don’t hate the player, hate the game!
I also understand that for current license holders “everything” will stay the same in regard to render nodes.
In this blog post from last year you talk about node usage data and how small players subsidizing big players that heavily use render nodes.
While I do have a 3 node license and won’t be effected (for now…), I think leaving a small tier 3 nodes or 2 or heck, even 1 node would be very helpful for the “small players”. 
According to the yearly 3 and 5 node price difference, you valued 1 render node at €30 that will jump 233% to €100.
3 render nodes will then cost more than a full license. 
When it comes to “subsidizing big players”, one could argue that c4d users have for years subsidized Corona Scatter and the Corona DR solution for max users, while we used the c4d build-in tools like the fragile team render framework and mograph, etc.

I honestly believe that this move will hurt the “small players” the most, that already struggle with pricing their renderings in this economy.
I also have the feeling that it’s probably just a matter of time that “grandfathered” licenses will loose their nodes too.

So how about, every license comes with 3 nodes included and after that €100 per node? Win/Win for all?!
Thank you, Chaos-rona!!! 

Hi all,
I’m preparing to create a 3D virtual tour for a client, and I wonder what the “current state of VR” is?
For starters, I find it strange that my iPhone 12 pro still doesn’t recognize that equirectangular images in my library could be displayed as a 360º sphere. It’s 2022 and I still need to download a 360º viewer app?
While that by itself is not “VR”, but with so many 360 cams out there, this basic stuff should “just work”.   
What’s the easiest way to share 360º render previews for approval, without asking everyone involved to download a viewer app?

Do you have any recommendations for creating a good VR tour experience? Maybe care to share a VR tour you created?
I created a simple tour before using and I like the simplicity, you get to download the entire tour to host on your own server and of course I like that it’s free.
Do you use a different tool with better features?

While I’m not convinced that VR is currently such a great real estate sales tool, there is soooo much talk about the metaverse, that makes me wonder if it makes sense to look more into the whole VR thing…
Am I asking all this in the wrong place? Is unreal engine the future of VR real estate marketing?

Share your thoughts! 

Usually a window pops up “can’t find file…” When searching from that dialog, it then puts the .ies in the root of the project folder.
No ies folder gets created. Link in corona light is lost.
Finding the right .ies and relinking all by hand in a big scene can get pretty tedious…
This problem is not new, but never got around to file a bug report. Might be a c4d issue.

[C4D] I need help! / Rotating texture
« on: 2022-01-12, 20:33:25 »
Corona V.7
What is the best/ fastest way to rotate a texture inside a material?
The projection shader and corona seem to hate each other…
The C-bitmap shader has a ton of UV controls but no rotation? Why not?

[C4D] General Discussion / Physical material tutorial
« on: 2021-11-29, 16:55:54 »
Does anybody know a good YT tutorial explaining all the bells and whistles of the new physical material?
So far I avoided using the pbr mat but wanted to try the clear coat feature.
After looking at the help desk article. I have more questions than before.
Why does IOR get greyed out when in “metal” mode? Have I been setting up metal wrong for years?
What does the “Level” setting do in edge color?
Cleracoat: what’s the difference between “Amount” and “Roughness” (when to use what)?
…and so on.

Is it just me or would a dedicated “Normal” channel make sense for a new pbr material?
Most, if not all, tex generators output a normal map and adding the normal shader to the bump in every material by hand is a real time killer…

[C4D] I need help! / C4D Asset browser
« on: 2021-10-24, 20:40:44 »
This is not directly related to corona but I I’m trying to wrap my head around the “new“ asset browser concept.
It seems like all assets (PBR maps, etc.) get saved inside the database folder.
Does that mean the old content browser concept of using global tex links to images stored on a server is gone? 
Is there a secret shortcut that keeps global tex links in place and doesn’t copy images to the database?
Watched several videos about how great the asset browser is but it seems we lost the flexibility
of where exactly these assets are stored.
What am I missing here?

[C4D] I need help! / CrazyBump replacement on macos
« on: 2021-10-21, 18:53:00 »
Hi all,
I’m still using CrazyBump, but I’m currently updating macOS and CB will not run anymore.
What are you guys using on Mac to generate normal, spec etc maps?
Years back I tried B2M but that kept constantly crashing, so I went back to CB.
I work in archviz and mostly use already saved materials, but every now and then I need to create custom materials. 
Any pointers to, what app is as simple and fast to use as CB, is appreciated.

Hi all,
Is there any way to keep the C multi shader from changing it’s random distribution when the hierarchy in the object manager changes? Every time you add an object on top in the object manager the multi shader changes.
While that doesn’t matter on tree leaves etc, I use the C multi shader a lot for floors and tiles and in these cases the changing pattern is a real problem.
Is this behavior a feature or a bug?
So far the only thing I could figure out is to move all objects below the objects with multi shader materials, but in large scenes with many multi shaders that quickly becomes a scene organizing nightmare.
I made a small test scene (attached) to check if v7 fixed this. Nope.
If someone wants to try, just drop in cubes to see what happens.

Any ideas how to “bake” the distribution pattern?

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