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Hello! The discussion has paused for a while... are there any updates from the developers' side concerning the missing gradient option for area lights? Has it already been integrated and I just didn't realize? Thank you!

[C4D] Bug Reporting / Re: HDRI Sky in cinema 24 Viewport
« on: 2022-03-23, 15:37:09 »
Is this issue still unfixed? I just downloaded the newest build (v8 Release Candidate 2) and my HDRI still does not show up in viewport when I put an HDRI in the shader-slot of the sky object. The problem occurs in S24 and R25.
According to this tutorial ( the viewport should show the HDRI. Is this link outdated or is there a problem with my v8 installation? Do I have to change any settings to get a preview of the HDRI? Thank you!

Is there a way to disconnect the effects of "cast shadows" and "seen by gi" in the corona compositing tag, so I can controll both effects separately? In my scenario I want to let trees cast shadows on a surface but the trunks of the trees shall not create black GI-shadows at those spots where they touch/intersect the surface. Thank you for any tipps!

Thank you Stefan for adding S24-support! It's a great help.

Hi Stefan! This will speed up my work with large material libraries! Thank you for this little helper! In R25 it appears in the extensions-menu. How can I load the Plugin in S24 or earlier versions of C4D? Or is it R25 only?

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Physical material tutorial
« on: 2021-12-04, 20:09:00 »
I appreciate the new initiative for more tutorials as it is a still a desideratum for C4D users. But the “design” of the tutorials is not ideal. In my opinion the videos are far too long compared to the low amount of content. Too many repetitions and redundant information. I do not need to hear every 5 sec that the physical material is much smarter and much more realistic than the legacy material. If you do not explain WHY, it is enough to say that once and then bring relevant information how to use it. Try to condense the explanations to the real core information so that the videos are 5 minutes long. The first “tutorial” is 12 minutes long and has no info that is worth more than 2 or 3 minutes. The same with the second video (17 minutes!). You could communicate all relevant information in 5 minutes. The time saved could be used to produce more tutorials on other features of Corona for C4D.
I hope you do not misinterpret my critical review of the tutorials published so far. I really hope to see more videos! So thank you for the effort!

Sorry, no it does not create physical materials but only standard/legacy materials with the maps assigned to the texture slots of those materials. Hopefully TGS offers an update for those physical materials and more complex settings soon.

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has tried this texture manager from Great Summit and if its a good solution for the time being as Quixel doesn't work with Corona render. Also does it work with Corona 7?

It works fine with my C4D S24 and Corona 7 Hotfix 2 but it is a rather simple material manager which can assign standard maps (with appropriate naming) well enough but has difficulties with metal materials and complex settings. In those cases it cannot generate a proper preview for example.
As you cannot tweak material setting in the TGS material manager you have to touch all settings in the corona material created from the maps. TGS always uses standard bump and IOR-values for the material creation, so those values often do not correspond to the right material settings.
To sum up: it helps to quickly assign maps to the right/standard texture slots of basic Corona materials but it is far from offering a complete PBR-solution for C4D.

I am waiting for the Connector (Design Connected) to offer a better PBR-solution but DC-support told me, that this is a project they plan for 2022.

Hi Jan. Thank you for your effort!
Seems to be a conflict with Redshift or the Redshift Asset Manager or a major issue with the Project Asset Inspector which causes this strange behavior of the texture-path managment. I tested and tweaked settings a lot and finally I installed the new Maxon App and realized that there is an update for Redshift, which had noch yet been installed on my systems. After updating Redshift via the Maxon App the Project Asset Inspector and the Redshift Asset Manager (in most cases) worked properly again.
With Vray5 the Project Asset Inspector still jumps back to absolute texture paths. This can (in some scenes where I tested this procedure) be prevented by first launching the Redshift Asset Manager and changing the texture paths to global there. After that you can globalize the textures in the Project Asset Inspector again and (in most cases) it keeps the new global texture path. That's my workaround for those scenes where the path cannot be changed from absolute to global. Not the ideal solution but keeps me working.

Hi Jan!
You saved my day!! Thank you so much for this info! I use this option in most of my scenes so I was some kind of lost, when I was confronted with this issue!

Update 1: Unfortunately it does not work properly! The path is saved somehow longer than before (the global path does not disappear as before), but when I close the project and reload it, the path is again absolute. This also happens with texture paths when I move objects with global texture path to another scene. The global path is not copied with the object into the new scene, but again has an absolute path and therefore broken texture links.
So frustrating!!

Update 2: I attached a short screencap with the issue appearing in my workflow (usiong native C4D bitmaps).

Update 3: This issue does NOT appear with Corona bitmaps. It shows up when I use native C4D bitmaps! So there seems to be a conflict with Corona (and Vray) referring to native C4D bitmaps in the Project Asset Inspector.

Soon, one year will have passed since this topic has been brought into play and it would be interesting to hear about the process which has been made to solve this issue? Managing texture-paths without making a workaround with native bitmaps is essential for complex scenes.
Corona version: 7 hotfix 1
Cinema version: R24.111

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