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To celebrate Earth Day we are offering a 30% Discount for every product, the coupon code is: earthday30

To celebrate Earth Day we are offering a 30% Discount for every product, the coupon code is: earthday30

Hi everybody :)
I want to inform you that we are working hard to complete our new Advanced Metal Bundle for Corona, before the end of the month we will have the same bundle for Vray ready, then it will take a few more weeks for the Corona version. In the mean while you can check on our social media the work in progress  the images are made with Vray but we will guarantee the same quality for Corona too, results are pretty much the same ;)

IMO there is no need for that, all you need to know is that you should use proper value in lumens for the artificial lights (there is plenty of data online about this), the sun/sky is already calibrated by default and you can use that as a reference for calibrating HDR.
Once your lights are calibrated you will need to tune the exposure of your camera and this is really a simple process, start a render, adjust the exposure inside the VFB until it looks correct, then transfer the exposure on your camera setup, done.
Most render engine are actually quite precise about lights physical values so you just need to stitch to real world data and you will be fine ;)

We are offering a 30% discount on the Fabric Shader Bundle, just insert the coupon code: blackfriday2020 when you buy the product;)

We are offering a 30% discount on the Workplace Scene, just insert the coupon code: blackfriday2020 when you buy the product;)

We have also recorded a small video tutorial about the AC piping shader, there is the link to download the scene included in the video description on Youtube:

Rendering on the MacMini you're going to run out of RAM very, very quickly.
Not necessarily, I can’t speak for M1 machine since I don’t have one, but even on standard Intel system MacOS is very efficient regarding memory management and remarkably stable. I own and use both Mac and Windows PC(both Intel and AMD) and while both OS should support compressed memory, that really work way better on Mac.
Years ago I was able to render a very large scene within 16GB on an old MacBookPro, the same scene required more than twice as much physical RAM on other systems equipped with 64GB, the MBP was still able to render without mayor slowdown/instability.
The new hardware/OS should work even better in that regard, so why I do agree that 16GB maybe few for some (including me) it may be plenty for many, after all GPU folks are still working with less than that on average;)
Always remember that this machines are just entry level systems, and probably their target audience will find 16GB sufficient for their needs, of course for more heavy tasks is better to wait for proper hardware with more physical RAM.

Many software will just need a recompile, they have already show Maya and other softwares running smoothly during the WWDC for example and they were not optimized for AS at all. Coding for GPU renderer is far more difficult, that’s why it took so long for Otoy and RS to get their renderer to Mac(while it’s still not possible to port it to AMD GPU on Windows because of the drivers).
In a very short time the first AS hardware will be available, bigger software house like Adobe, Maxon and other should already have something ready, then smaller developers will follow.
IMO there is nothing to worry about and no reason to switch to other engine;)

The first AS computer is around the corner but it will be just a low end laptop and you don’t want to work on that at least for render tasks(for image/video editing tasks I bet it will drive circle around at what we have now). Realistically a more powerful laptop is still months away and it will take about a year to get faster desktop systems, even more for high end desktop.
Developers as stated before are already looking in to this, but there is no hurry;)

I've also made a small video in the spare time, hope you like it;)

I'll post some more details later!

Hi everybody:)

We have just released a new scene for Corona(15% off this week):  it is a nice loft inspired by the photos of Paulina Arcklin.

There are lots of models, about 150 shaders, light setup for daylight, blue hour and night + artificial lights, two hdr, 3D modeled external buildings and much more!

We have also made a quick video guide to see what's inside the scene:

Here are the final images, I've just used the VFB tools, no further post processing involved, hope you like them;)

Hi Guys,
Just wanted to let you know that the End of summer sale will end by tomorrow mid day. We have tested all the shaders on Corona V6 and they work perfectly.
So if you are interested in purchasing the Fabric Bundle now is the best time.
30% OFF using the code: summer2020

I'll post some renders as soon as possible;)
May I share the news about your shader on our Facebook page? we have several thousand followers and many of them will be happy to know about this tool!

Thanks a lot! a real curvature shader was much needed in Corona, I'll test this as soon as I'll install V6;)

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