Author Topic: Include/Exclude render mask to "ignore" objects with volume fog materials  (Read 184 times)

2023-05-18, 13:52:21


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Hi, not sure if the title describes this properly but currently if you use the render mask include/exclude then anything inside a fog volume renders black if the fog volume isn't being included but if the fog volume is added to the include list, then the entire fog volume is rendered.

For me personally, the ideal scenario would be that for any fog volumes not added to the render include list would be rendered, but the objects within the volume would still be used for pixel masking.

Some renders are attached to show what I mean. Lets assume that the "client" is happy with the overall image, but wants to change the material of the sphere.

01 - shows the full render of a sphere contained within the fog.
02 - if I add the sphere only to the "render selected" list then nothing renders, because the fog is being excluded
03 - adding the fog volume renders everything seen through the fog, this would require extra effort to drop into a psd and requires masking
04 - if I hide the fog, then I get the mask of the sphere but it now renders differently to the original render
05 - this would be the ideal scenario, achieved in PS, where the fog does not need be added to the include/exclude list but everything inside that is added to the include/exclude list still renders.

2023-05-18, 17:54:51
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Hi, thanks for reporting this. I am sure it was already reported some time ago, so we will revisit it.

The best workaround I can recommend right now is using the Render Setup > Common > Area to Render > Region option with the "Auto Region Selected" checkbox enabled.
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