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We need to prioritize, as there are so many feature ideas to implement. We would like to know your preferences. Please tell us what we should consider doing first, second, ...

Each have 3 votes. You can change your mind later.

[Scatter] Feature Requests / Chaos Scatter feedback
« on: 2021-12-07, 17:42:04 »
Hi, from the latest Corona Renderer 8 Daily Builds Changelog:
  • Corona Scatter has been deprecated in favor of more advanced and standalone Chaos Scatter. Chaos Scatter is automatically installed alongside Corona. You can find it in Chaos -> ChaosScatter after installing.
  • If possible, Corona Scatter button has been removed from the toolbar because Chaos Scatter now has its own toolbar.
  • Legacy Corona Scatter scenes get automatically converted on scene open, the randomization may change in this case, if you need to maintain the same scattering we advise to open and render the scene in Corona v7.
Download Link:

Please, what do you think? :-) The changes announced recently in our blog post now apply.
  • Slope limiting (no trees growing out of cliffs!)
  • Include/exclude via splines (closed or open)
  • Surface color map (patterns on rugs, etc.)
  • Better viewport display
  • Limit scattering only inside camera field of view (frustum culling)
  • and more

[Max] Daily Builds / Corona Scatter speed improvements
« on: 2020-07-13, 09:35:37 »
Hi, in last Corona daily (corona-6-3dsmax-daily-2020-07-07.exe) we improved Corona Scatter w.r.t. speed and user experience. Please, do you feel some difference? Or maybe, are there some issues with that?

Corona Scatter no longer freezes UI when recomputing in heavy scenes, also when using Corona Distance map in density slot.
  • UI of the scatter is generally more responsive and performance is greatly improved.
  • Loading scatter scenes is faster (on average by 28%, in extreme cases by 78%, depending on number and size of textures used in the scenes and number of scattered instances there).
  • Also fixed the viewport not updating when changing time on the timeline in some cases.
  • Fixed the viewport not correctly displaying instances in some cases.
  • Fixed rare cases of different scatter results between master and node in DR environment.

[Max] General Discussion / Scatter development insights
« on: 2019-04-26, 08:18:27 »
Here are some renders taking advantage of scattering options that we are currently developing. How do you like them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

[Max] Daily Builds / Corona Image Editor feedback
« on: 2017-03-27, 19:02:55 »
Looking forward to your feedback!

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