Author Topic: Creating transparent fabric material  (Read 328 times)

2024-04-28, 22:58:10


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Hello everyone, I want to make transparent fabric material, do you guys know the way of doing it the right way in a good quality.
New member trying to get more knowledge about the program to get some clients, and start working in the industry. Any tip is worth a lot.

2024-04-29, 12:36:45
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I think you can achieve that playing with translucency.

2024-04-29, 22:18:56
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Aram Avetisyan

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If you are trying to achieve a transLUCENT (transparent is see-through) fabric, which has a light shining from behind - the effect in the screenshots you shared - then it can be easily done just with self-illumination. You can add a bit of sheen just for sake of it.
You can as well enable the translucency and create a light behind it, but it will give more or less the same results but with longer render times.

Hope this helps.
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