Author Topic: 3DS MAX 2021 - Bake to texture - PBR ?  (Read 3464 times)

2020-10-18, 19:13:27


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Hi, I looked around this forum and searched, but didn't find an answer.
I watched this tutorial for the new "baking to texture" feature (not the "old" render to texture option):
watch the movie at 01:34

The movie describes how to bake several ARNOLD RENDERER passes and create a new PBR material from them:
and the material type selection:

BUT, when I switch to CORONA RENDER (corona 6 hotfix1), and attempt to create the same  (bake new material as PBR) - that option for PBR is missing:

Up to now, I had a hard time to bake corona lighting and AO and then use another suite (substance) to re-assemble it as a pbr material.
There was a plugin but it didn't work for me (babylon?).

If  someone has an answer or a workaround or a tutorial from coronafor that, that would be nice too The requested final result is a FBX with PBR material that I can use for other software.


2021-06-08, 20:10:48
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By the way, yes, I have not found a way to properly bake textures. Previously, it was more or less normal, but now it does not work in any way.

2024-04-10, 16:20:58
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Hello, we understand that texture baking is critical for some users, but unfortunately we need to prioritize many other features higher because they are more commonly requested and generally more in-line with the usual Corona use cases.

We have multiple tasks/feature requests related to texture baking logged in our internal trackers. If you have some specific request (e.g. specific render elements), please list them here and we will make sure to update those internal tasks.
Marcin Miodek |
3D Support Team Lead - Corona | contact us

2024-04-10, 16:39:14
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I'd like to follow up on this - having a way to bake to PBR would be so beneficial. We lack a way to bake some material channels right now and it needs either workarounds or is just impossible due to the setup and work needed.