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[Max] General Discussion / Re: Large Animated Proxy file
« on: 2024-05-14, 19:17:47 »
This might not be as straightforward as one might think. On one hand proxies are designed to help with load/save times, but on the other hand, baking procedural animation to mesh may lead to negative effect - render times might increase due to need constantly read large amount of data. I think you need to do some testing and find which method will work better in your situation. As an alternative, maybe keeping animation procedural and referencing to it via xref would be the best option here?

It would be helpful if you could show your setup and some example of what you want to achieve.

[Max] I need help! / Re: Strange background pattern
« on: 2024-05-11, 23:56:16 »
It's most likely because of saturation slider. Yours is set way too high. Saturation in Corona VFB is only usable up to 0,05-0,1 not more.

Could it be out of core textures feature? Maybe it's worth to turn it off and see if that helps.

I thought that main benefit of proxies is exactly to reduce file size and load/save times. @Avi, did you even watch the video? It's only 10-20 proxy objects and the difference in saving speed with and without them is night and day. Clearly that can't be expected behaviour, unless lupaz have preview type set to "mesh", which you didn't ask about.

Unless i somehow misunderstood your request, Corona multimap already has batch load button.

I think the best way to solve this on the part of the developers would be to make the enviro distance parameter (in the development/experimental stuff rollout) interact with DOF, then we could simply set it equal to the target distance of the camera and there would be no blur, but now unfortunately it won't work.

I requested this like 10 years ago, devs said no.

I think moving legacy materials from CML to Cosmos without converting them to physical, would be a crime.

Gallery / Re: Audi RS7 – CGI
« on: 2024-05-02, 10:38:12 »
The images are not loading for me. Can you look at this and fix it if possible please?

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Juraj's Renderings thread
« on: 2024-05-01, 14:30:36 »
(sorry to hijack the thread a bit here feel free to move into a new thread)

I think it would be better indeed if someone would start a new all things AI related topic, as such questions will only increase in the near future.

And at the risk of completely derailing Juraj's thread, may i ask you Tom, why did you choose ComfyUI instead of more "traditional" UI? For the past few weeks i'm completely immersed in this new for me topic. Lately i'm thinking about switching to ComfyUI, since it looks that's where all the power and flexibility is, but i'm afraid that it might be overwhelming experience with node system when i don't know basics well enough yet. Did you choose Comfy since the beginning, or did you switch to it from some other UI?

[Max] I need help! / Re: Converting materials from Blender
« on: 2024-05-01, 10:14:54 »
You would need to plug supplied opacity texture in the material's opacity slot. It also could be a good idea to plug that material into Corona rayswitch material and populate all its slots except GI, so that your floating decals won't cast the shadows.

[Scatter] I need help! / Re: How do I .. In chaos scatter
« on: 2024-04-30, 23:56:23 »
1. In spline mode Chaos scatter distributes objects on spline, not on surface. If you want that scattered objects would also follow elevation of some surface, you need to conform guide spline to that surface first.

2. You can create simple box and assign empty Corona rayswitch material to it. The scatter will treat the box like regular object, but it won't be visible in render.

Gallery / Re: Interior warm Loft - CGI
« on: 2024-04-30, 15:19:30 »
I wonder where the fireplace vent goes?

I'm not familiar with how Phoenix works, but did you try to adjust pivot point orientation of your vertical plane? Maybe that will solve the issue?

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