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Hello devs,

After updating from Corona 10 HF3 to Corona 11 HF2, I realized that when I use the small buttons in 3ds Max, the scatter icons are gone.

I have the latest builds of 3ds Max 2022 and 2024 on a completely fresh system install - this behavior appears on both 3ds max versions.
Am I the only lucky user experiencing this?

Scatter version:
4, build timestamp: Apr  9 2024 13:40:25

(c) Chaos Czech a.s., 2019-2023

Please look at my attachments.
Best Regards

[Max] Feature Requests / Please add more bake elements
« on: 2024-04-07, 10:23:54 »
Hello Corona Renderer team,

In most modern projects, sooner or later, we increasingly encounter client requests where it is necessary to bake textures, especially for WebGL.

Corona has many excellent features, and some of them have been present in texture baking for a long time. For instance, Corona supports denoising for texture baking, which saves a LOT of rendering time (a feature that even latest Vray currently lacks).  But we really miss more bake elements...

The baking tasks are coming from all sides and when you did the scenes for product or interior stills in Corona (and love Corona), it is very frustrating when you cannot further work with it properly.

For example, recently, we worked on numerous interiors and product shots, and then the client requested some objects to be viewed in WebGL. This required us to bake beauty, roughness, normals, and opacity maps.

Currently,  we need to plug roughness to basecolor and save it via Corona_DiffuseColor, which is very annoying...

Opacity map can be extracted via alpha in VFB and then some corrections in PS.  but is is also far from optimal solution when you need to do more objects and some iterations...

I have found another thread related to baking elemets here:
But there were no official answers at all :(

Hope this will be improved...

You can see in the attachment the currently available bake elements in Corona 11 HF1 and 3ds Max 2024.

Best Regards

[Max] Bug Reporting / Memory leak (Phoenix + Corona)
« on: 2023-10-23, 14:19:16 »
Hello corona team & forum users,

Recently, I created a relatively simple scene with Phoenix and Corona.
In this scene, I only created a fluid simulation with multiple sources that interact with each other, mixing the RGB channel.
Regardless of the output image resolution and even in IPR, after a certain number of frames, my PC runs out of RAM.
For rendering a single frame, the scene does not require much RAM, and even a PC with 32 GB can render it in 4K without any issues.
However, after each frame, the RAM usage gradually increases until I encounter a Phoenix error: "Out of memory during volumetric rendering initialization."
If I play the simulation without rendering, the RAM usage remains under control.

I've tested this on five different PCs, ranging from 32 to 128 GB of RAM, and encountered the same problem. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

I hope you can help me because it's really painful to debug and render the animation when I have to restart 3ds Max after every 15-30 frames.

Please take a look at my attachments:
1. `ram_statistic -4xspeed.mp4` - I've recorded a video showing how the RAM usage increases.
2. `ram_statistic-error when out of ram.jpg` - A screenshot of the Phoenix error message that appears when the system runs out of RAM.

My Software versions are:
3ds max 2022.3.8 (24.8 -
Phoenix 5.20.00 Build 20230706
Corona 10 HF2

Best regards

Hello devs,

I have come across another issue with Scatter Edit Instances Mode: when I make final changes in this mode, save the scene, and then load it again, a lot of changes are lost. Scaled objects remain intact, but deleted and moved objects are restored (often in different positions) after reloading the scene. This makes the Edit Instances mode completely unusable for precise projects. It becomes problematic if you later need to re-render certain elements or if you simply need to close Max but maintain consistency.

Corona 9 HF3
Scatter version:
2 (Hotfix 4), build timestamp: Apr 25 2023 16:59:51
(c) Chaos Czech a.s., 2019-2022

Please look at my attachments:
01-scattered and instanced edited.jpg
02-after reloading  the scene.jpg

ChaosScatter inconsistency after edit instances.max

Hope you can reproduce it and fix it soon.
Best Regards

Just looked at trello roadmap, it seems like Corona10 comes with Scatter v3 and maybe this bug got fixed.
Is there a way to get Scatter Installer independently to update only the scatter ? I need to stick with corona 9 for a while...

Dear Corona Renderer team,

I have strange license distribution behavior. Using Corona and Vray and regardless of Render Engine, Corona license remain busy.

Tested with:
1. 3ds max 2022.3.6 / Corona 9 / Vray Next 4.3
- starting new scene with scanline renderer as default - everything is fine
- switching render engine to vray next - one vray next license is in use
- switching render engine to corona - one corona license is in use , no vray license is busy
- switching back to vray or anything else - one corona license is still in use

2. 3ds max 2023.1 / Corona 9 / Vray 6.HF3
same steps and same situation :(

In general: you need to switch the render engine to Corona only one time and corona license will be used forever. Only if you close 3ds max, then it restores again.

You can see some images in the attachments.
PLZ Halp !

Best regards

Dear corona team and forum users,

I am not sure if this question was asked before—I made a quick search and didn't find anything. If this question already exist somewhere, please delete this thread.

When I'm using coronaLight material (emit light active, corona default settings) and try to play with directionality, I get noise in my renderings even in simple situations when I'm using simple materials and not high directionality values for light geometry. The noise also persist on simple material preview swatches in material editor.

Please look at attached images:
01-directionality noise.jpg—comparison between material previews with different directionality settings. All samples have intensity 5, but even at 1 we can clearly see “splotchy” noise pattern
02-no directionality.jpg, 02-directionality.jpg—simple example how it looks with and without directionality.

Please, can someone clarify what's going on, and how can we avoid situations where we need to set the directionality for objects with coronaLight materials?

Best regards.

Hello Corona-Team,

I have found a very small (but probably in some situations annoying) issue with Interactive Rendering and shader renaming:

If we have some geometry applied shader and want to rename it while IR is running, then we get IR refresh every time we hit some keyboard button.

Hope this helps  :)

[Max] Resolved Bugs / new Color Picker BUG
« on: 2022-04-25, 19:32:45 »
Hello Corona-Team,

Recently I have found a bug in new Corona Color Picker.

To reproduce it all you need to do is to select to display the values in linear mode in % and then try to drag the sliders (arrows on the right side) with the mouse, or manually input some value..

Please, look at the Image attached

Hope this info helps and the bug will be resolved :)

[Max] Resolved Bugs / UVW Randomizer Bug ?
« on: 2021-06-08, 09:37:38 »
Dear Corona-Renderer Team,

I have a scene, where I am using Corona UVW Randomizer for a bunch of objects. (Some stucco and stone tiles etc.)
If I simply rename this object, then Corona UVW Randomizer makes new variation, which is pretty strange... When I change the object name back, then the UVW Randomizer map generates the image like it was before.

Maybe, for most of the projects it may be not so important, but in my case, it completely ruins the flexibility, because if I let say want to make later object naming more logical, then I will have another visual result.
I am making one 360 degree tour Project, where I have almost 20 high-res panoramas, and it is really important to stay consistent in rendering results. (Especially for later region-like edits).

Please, see attached images and scene.
Max 2019 SP 3.4, Corona 6 hf1

Best Regards

[Max] I need help! / Corona 4.1 Caustics strange behaviour
« on: 2019-08-19, 23:36:11 »
Dear Corona-Team / Coronauts,

I hope that someone can help me. I have one study-project, where I try to demonstrate my contemporary architecture geometry in different light conditions.
It consists of many colored glass triangle surfaces on metal frame mounted with some additional polygons slightly self-illuminated (there is no overlapping of course), as ZYFILM panels simulation).
Unfortunately, when I try to use the new reflective caustics solver, it generates with A LOT of noise/overbright pixels. For all pictures below was set and reached noise limit 3%.

The refractive caustics alone has much less noise. Also, when I don't render caustics pass separately, then I have less noise in refractive and reflective.

My settings are:
I  use LightMix to mix my lighting. Albedo is totally OK. There is also no vantablack in scene.
For the day exposure I set Corona Sun+Sky with native multiplier 1.0 and exposure correction to -2.
For evening situation there are three focused spotlights active (1cm diameter LED 10.000 Lumen with directionality set to 0.6) + displays as textures (exposure 0 with some mixpasses lowered)

Glass setting are simple - 0 diffuse / 1 reflect, refl. glossy 0.98 / 0.9 refract. The thickness is 3mm
Self-illuminated polygons - 0 deffuse / 0.5 translucency / 0 reflection / 0 refraction / thin mode is on / texture in self-illumination slot, multiplier is set to 1

(Corona 4.1, 3dsMax 2019, Win 8.1)

I am sincerely grateful for any help.

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