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Originally posted here:
The thread above has a reply for this issue as well, but is for general 3ds Max UI sluggishness, with or without the combination of Corona.

This will be the specific thread for this issue, as a bug report (for the sake of finding it better) - scene has slower viewport performance with Corona 11 than Corona 10.

Hello Aram,

I just wanted to confirm that I tested my problematic scene with Corona 11 HF2 in both 3ds Max 2022 and 2024, and it seems that the problem is now resolved. The viewport behaves smoothly.
Thank you and the entire Corona Renderer team for listening and support.

Best Regards

did HF2 solved your issue?

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: Toon Outlines
« on: 2024-05-01, 21:03:10 »
+1 for this

Hello, we understand that texture baking is critical for some users, but unfortunately we need to prioritize many other features higher because they are more commonly requested and generally more in-line with the usual Corona use cases.

We have multiple tasks/feature requests related to texture baking logged in our internal trackers. If you have some specific request (e.g. specific render elements), please list them here and we will make sure to update those internal tasks.

Hello Maru,

Thank you for the clarification. We understand that the feature requests must be prioritized, and some of them are not as commonly requested as others. In our case, we have 10 premium licenses, and all of us struggle from time to time when some baking work needs to be done. So if it is possible, please add +9 user requests internally to this feature. :)

At least the roughness bake element will help us a lot to perform shader simplifications with less stress.

Best regards

[Max] I need help! / Re: Blotchy lights?!
« on: 2024-04-16, 08:35:37 »
try to change the secondary solver to 4k cache instead of UHD. It should solve your issue.

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: New Unified UV Tile Control map
« on: 2024-04-09, 12:07:52 »
Is this not the same as the "multi output channels" that was added a version or two ago?

With Corona Triplanar/UVWRandomiser/ColorCorrect you can add additional inputs so that all bitmaps run through the same map
MultiOutput is less or completely not supported when you try to convert or export the shaders...

[Max] Feature Requests / Please add more bake elements
« on: 2024-04-07, 10:23:54 »
Hello Corona Renderer team,

In most modern projects, sooner or later, we increasingly encounter client requests where it is necessary to bake textures, especially for WebGL.

Corona has many excellent features, and some of them have been present in texture baking for a long time. For instance, Corona supports denoising for texture baking, which saves a LOT of rendering time (a feature that even latest Vray currently lacks).  But we really miss more bake elements...

The baking tasks are coming from all sides and when you did the scenes for product or interior stills in Corona (and love Corona), it is very frustrating when you cannot further work with it properly.

For example, recently, we worked on numerous interiors and product shots, and then the client requested some objects to be viewed in WebGL. This required us to bake beauty, roughness, normals, and opacity maps.

Currently,  we need to plug roughness to basecolor and save it via Corona_DiffuseColor, which is very annoying...

Opacity map can be extracted via alpha in VFB and then some corrections in PS.  but is is also far from optimal solution when you need to do more objects and some iterations...

I have found another thread related to baking elemets here:
But there were no official answers at all :(

Hope this will be improved...

You can see in the attachment the currently available bake elements in Corona 11 HF1 and 3ds Max 2024.

Best Regards

+1 for having a functional interactive rendering feature while baking textures.

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: New VFB Skin and functionality
« on: 2024-03-17, 15:56:51 »
It would also be nice to have an option to change the VFB background color in Corona Renderer.
This was discussed previously here:

It really helps a lot when you need to adjust the overall brightness level of the rendering, because with the current linear RGB 4/4/4 background color, it is easy to miss it.

Hardware / Re: Which Monitor is best?
« on: 2024-03-15, 22:23:48 »
I am using an 27 inch Dell U2723QE with 125% scaling since one year and find it great.
There is also bigger one U3223QE avaliable:

also, some great articles:
Monitor selection guide:
Jonny Elwyn reviews and main concepts of choosing right display:

just 2 cent. who knows, maybe it helps :)

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Corona Curvature Map playground!
« on: 2024-03-09, 12:26:36 »
Depends what exactly you mean. :)
We have "ignore bump" option in the newest daily:

Hello Maru,

The "Ignore bump" option is a must-have, for sure.
I am also referring to my post at , where we get not only the "real" edges of the objects, but also unwanted edges such as backside with a curvature map.

Hope you can fix this as well.

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Corona Curvature Map playground!
« on: 2024-03-01, 21:35:41 »
Hello Corona-Team,

Are there any potential plans for v12 to fix curvature-related issues?

Best regards

Now that almost 80perc. of my materials feature Randomizer and Triplanar, often both in row, that is not nice news. I did want better representation in viewport (just by taking any bitmap in chain), but if it's causing  performance issues now : /

Please check my reply here:

I am sure it was scene/object/material specific, so no worries.
I have bunch of scenes and in 99.9% of them all material are set with Triplanar, MappingRandomizer combination, many of them with CoronaColorCorrect. The mentioned combination is preset for sure. None of them has ever caused slowdowns.

I even, just to be sure, dared to open one of the current production scenes of mine and applied to all objects the mentioned material with bad combination. Guess what - the viewport 40-50fps (heavy scene), with bad combination material is became faster.

So really nothing to worry about. I really believe this was scene specific, as tested and confirmed.

Glad to hear that this is a specific case. At the same time, I feel "lucky" because this scene was a part of my work project that I created in Corona 9. Then, I installed Corona 11 and immediately hit this bug.  :-/
Anyway, I hope you can resolve it.

UPDATE: just tested with Corona 11 Hotfix2 and it seems like my bug has been resolved :)
Thanks, Corona-Renderer Team!

Was this addressed in the recent hotfix? If not, are likely to get a second hotfix?  I'd say a large portion of us are using mapping randomizer.  Removing it just from the BaseColour isn't really a valid option.  I'd say that's the most important map slot for it to be used in.
Yes, it is Corona 11 and Corona 11 HF1 problem.

@Aram Avetisyan
Thanks for creating this thread !

Hello Corona team!

Sorry for the delay on my side. I just tested Corona 11 HF1, and the issue I described in Reply #5 is still present.
I have uploaded my scene with a recorded video and created a ticket with ID #197426.

Best Regards

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