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PC-Tablet touch 17" FullHD ?


Hello guy,
I'm looking for a all-in-on PC touch-screen >17"
Why? Because usually I have many meetings with client and I need a fast, lightweight tool to play with images, video, presentation etc...
Good solution was a XPS18 (not available in Italy, but in Germany, for example, yes O__O . Why ???) ($649) LINK
Also Lenovo Horizon 2s, but it's 20", it isn't available now, and, I think, it's expensive ( $949). 
Maybe you have some suggestions =)

The Lenovo is in fact 27", at least the one I know :- ) Which offsets the price of it (it's still much cheaper than my SurfacePro3 .

Which I think is bit too much for even big tablet.

ehehe... 27" portable?  XD
Lenovo Horizon 2s is 19.5"
I need a cheaper portable solution, only to show WIP, test, etc... to clients =)

Sorry, I didn't know there was "S" version :- ) I see, that one is 19.5".

Pretty nice, both of them.

Because dell isn't available in ITA, i will wait Lenovo, I think...


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