Author Topic: Adjusting Max Limit makes instances disappear during IR  (Read 706 times)

2024-02-13, 09:50:21


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When IR is running, changing the Max Limit value in the Config tab is making instances disappearing from the rendered image.

EDIT 1: In fact it seems that altering any value during IR is making instances disappear ( tried with Count and Per Square values )

EDIT 2 : OK, I've found the culprit. This is happening only when the instanced objects are Corona Proxies. The thing is that I was using a preset from the Cosmos Library, so it's kind of the default behavior, not the best first impression. IR works fine when they're converted to regular mesh objects.

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2024-02-13, 11:14:20
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Hi there, we do have a report for this but thank you for sharing it anyway :)
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