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Croppable cylindrical / spherical projection angle for corona camera


Mike Barrin:

When dealing with wide 3d areas integration in panoramas, we would like to be able to specify the FOV of the cylindrical projection that is automatically locked to 360°.

I know that there is such a setting in Vray. For now we have to render the whole 360 panorama and then only crop what we need for final integration. This make renderfiles quite huge.

Is it something that would be possible ?



Aram Avetisyan:

I don't think it will be. But you can specify region to be rendered, and that will effectively "crop" it, wouldn't it.
I have checked VRay camera settings, and projection wise there were less options than what CoronaCamera has.

I think Fish Eye can be close to what you want. With it you can set a specific FOV and distortion type.


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