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Corona 11 (Hotfix 1) released for 3ds Max


Teodora Mircheva:
This hotfix addresses some specific issues and all Corona 11 users for 3ds Max are recommended to download it.
Download now:

The issues are:

* Fixed a crash with the nodes group replacement in ObjectReplacer.
* Fixed issue where sun is disconnected from its target after loading a scene.
* Fixed DrServer crashing, when passing `--noGui` switch.
* Fixed color picker stuttering when changing values via HWB.
* Fixed crash when Chaos Scatter distributes empty Corona Proxy.
* Fixed issue where color picker was causing infinite restarts of IR and could display value with alpha < 1, when alpha was not being modified.
* Fixed rare crash in Scanned Material.
* Fixed issue where switching from one color swatch to another would change to color of the original color swatch.
* Fixed issue in DR where the values for 3ds Max version and maximum directory size were not remembered between sessions.
* (Scatter) Fixed issue where using Isolate would lead Scatter to recompute and thus slow down viewport interaction.
* (Scatter) Fixed an issue with the improper display of the edge trimming tip.
* (Scatter) Fixed incorrect edge trimming for instances of hierarchical/group models.
* (Scatter) Fixed edge trimming map usage detection for the hierarchical/group models.
* (Improvement) Added Gamma Correction tone mapping operator.
There are no other changes.


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