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Chaos Corona 10 Benchmark

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--- Quote from: alceryes on 2023-08-12, 22:19:20 ---1) I now have a two separate accounts. A new Chaos account and old Corona community account. These should be combined/merged.

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Please submit a support ticket about this. It is possible that we can merge your accounts -

--- Quote ---2) Previously, the old Corona benchmark gave an easy-to-copy-paste text result. Now I get the below. Please fix.

  "computerName": "PORTCULLIS",
  "cpuCacheSize": 32,
  "cpuFrequency": 4843.20654296875,
  "cpuInfo": "AMD Ryzen 9 7950X 16-Core Processor",
  "cpus": 1,
  "logicalCores": 32,
  "os": "Windows 10 Enterprise (10.0.19045)",
  "physicalCores": 16,
  "ramFrequency": 6200.0,
  "ramTotal": 31,
  "raysPerSTotal": 12659293,
  "usersNote": ""

--- End quote ---
Thanks for reporting! This should be possible to improve.

Hello !  need help!

I found a performance issue with my new build Dual Xeon Platinum 8480+

CoronaBenchmak  1.3  result : 44M rays/s
CoronaBenchmak  10  result : 18M rays/s

as a comparison ,my old build W3175x oc 4.0 all core

CoronaBenchmak  1.3  result : 15M rays/s
CoronaBenchmak  10  result : 11M rays/s

in benchmark 1.3   new build is nearly triper the speed of the old one, but only 1.6 times  in benchkmark 10

Hardware Specific:
CPU:Dual Xeon Platinum 8480+
MB: Gigabyte MS73 HB 0
MEM: Skynix DDR5 4800 16G REG ECC *8 per socket
OS: windows 10  22H2 workstation  with newest updates
      also tried windows 11 workstation same result

BTW,  all the other render benchmark tools(like Cinebench R23, Vraybenchmark,Blender) i tested  have the expected performance result  ,
Why it happened with Coronabenmark 10?


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