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Corona 10 (Hotfix 1) released for Cinema 4D and 3ds Max


This hotfix addresses some specific issues, and all Corona 10 users, for both 3ds Max and Cinema 4D, are recommended to download it.
Download now:

The issues are:

* Fixed issue where using "Camera physical size" with UHD/4K cache led to freeze.
* Fixed issue where using "Camera physical size" sometimes broke object picking from VFB.
* Fixed issue where CIE crashes after deleting Curves tone mapping operator with an opened editor.
* Fixed issue where creating a region during pre-rendering phases led to a crash.
* Added legacy checkbox (in Developmental/Experimental Stuff settings) to return to the pre Version 10 filtering of environment maps. This is on by default for legacy scenes.
* (3ds Max) Fixed issue where Cosmos freezes 3ds Max if closed too quickly after start.
* (3ds Max)Fixed issue where setting a Camera Physical Size in a Corona 10 scene caused opening a pre-Corona 10 scene later in the same session to inherit the Camera Physical Size setting rather than have it set to 0 (as there was no such parameter before Corona 10).
* (Cinema 4D) Fixed problem with Corona light and Corona proxy object not rendering in normal render when instanced using multi-instances as part of hidden instanced group
* (Cinema 4D) Fixed problem with tone mapping panel in Corona VFB having different background color than the rest of VFB on some macOS systems
We also updated the images in the Corona installer, our thanks to the artists for giving us permission to use their images and we hope you enjoy their work!

There are no other changes.


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