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daylight system missing sunlight-compass attachment

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Has the attached happened to anyone. Not sure if it is a 3ds max issue or corona issue. It doesn't show up for any daylight system. Without the attachment I can not use the photographic settings. It doesn't work, the only thing that I can do to adjust the daylight/corona sky is using the simple exposure control settings. I'm using 3ds max 2023 and Corona 9 (Hotfix 1)

Is this happening with any new daylight system that you create?
Or maybe happened in some older scene opened in newer version?

This happens with a brand new scene. I have had to take an old scene with a daylight system that worked to override this issue, but this seems a little backwards to do.

Try to delete 3dsmax.ini file and see if that fix the issue. If that doesn't work, delete whole ENU folder. Don't forget to make backup in both cases.

Ok, I will try and give that a try. Appreciate the response.


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