Author Topic: Reflection slot of CoronaRaySwitch material affects GI  (Read 981 times)

2022-12-14, 13:26:24
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Hi Maru!


Mostly we work on hospitality projects and most of the views are the restaurants/ballrooms with heavy colour carpets, strong spotlights, mirror walls, etc.
The wallpapers and painted ceilings definitely should have the reflection in their materials

I created the typical environment for you in Corona and it's copy converted in Vray to compare

Hope it will help )

2023-01-12, 14:03:44
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Thank you for sharing more information about your project and the specific use case you are encountering. The Corona renderer is designed to treat reflections as indirect lighting GI after the ray has been through some glossy/diffuse reflections.

In general, it's important to understand that different rendering engines have different ways of calculating light and materials. Corona renderer is known for its physically accurate approach; while this approach does make it more difficult to create certain types of "fakes" or special effects, it also means that your renders will be more true to life and realistic.

Some workaround that we have already shared includes that you can turn off the reflections of the wall if you don't want it to be affected or reflect any other material in the scene or for this specific use case, you can also consider using V-Ray as it supports non-physical effects better.

I hope this helps.
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