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Scatter + C4D Fields?



I noticed Corona Scatter has the spline option, but for sloped terrain drawing splines is not ideal, instead, I want to sculpt a river and with a linear field eliminate the instances that fall below certain Y value.

Is this possible? How would you approach it otherwise?

Hi, does adjusting the ''slope from'' help you?

Hi, thanks. I am afraid that will not work. I have other slopes that do need scattering. Also my river is not so steep, it is more of a water steam.

Guess I will have to go with the old reliable Cloner+Plain Effector+Linear Field and scale by -1 clones that fall below -Y. Quite expensive as it has to calculate everything anyways and there is no camera clipping...  but oh well

It is actually so much more flexible to just sculpt topography and have your clones come up or not depending on your brush strokes. Imagine now I want to change the river direction and I need to sculp + create more splines....

Little Workaround with the downside of not having the option to use camera clipping.

Create a camera with "Projection Top" with smallest Zoom Setting and give it the height you need. Then use the set-up camera in the Camera clipping tab and enjoy.

I also tried using gradients as Shaders for distibution which theoretically should also work, but this just made c4d unusable slow - maybe thats only a problem on my system.

Another method:

Use a Vertex map as the "Distribution" shader for Corona Scatter - add a "Vertax Map Tag" to your Terrain you sculpt and mark the Checkbox "Use Fields" - Create a e.g. linear Field and place it as needed.

Works, but again it is so slow on my side that you cant really use it while sculpting. I´d stick to the camera clipping if there isnt anyone with an idea.


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