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Clouds playground!

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9 HF1, I'm not a daily build user

I'm not sure if this has been mentioned already - but I'm pretty sure the cloud shadows change or move somehow when rendering compared to how it looks in interactive rendering.

Trying to render some buildings where the sun is just hitting them and keeping the surroundings in shadow - but can't get it to match with what I'm seeing when testing in interactive.

Guys, I've just realized that you can avoid this annoying "clouds(hdri)+volume haze horizon rectangle bug" just by adding refractive surface, for some reason this rectangle is just not visible through refraction, so I come up with creating a huge non-reflective glass plane (see the attachment). I don't know for what reason do you need this :D but maybe devs could implement this fake solution (checkbox "create huge glass plane on the horizon line) until they come up with something better.

Lol a bug to fix the bug well done sir !

Yeah I never used this feature once because of this limitation. If CoronaSky has "fake" blur, this really should as well.


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