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Clouds playground!

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--- Quote from: romullus on 2022-08-24, 19:17:06 ---Sometimes it looks weird when shadows from the sun and the clouds are kinda mixing together

--- End quote ---

I can imagine..

Not sure if shadows from clouds are even good idea if the sun (and light from sun) is never occluded or modified by the clouds itself. We don't get occlusion shadows from HDRi either for logical reason (no actual physical object at certain distance).
But hopefully the clouds will always contribute to the overall light &reflection in form of Skylight. I.e, act like HDRi.

Yes, they do contribute to overall lighting. Not sure how accurate it is, but it looks quite nice. By the way, i was impressed to find that shadows are visible in viewport and they are pretty accurate to what you get in rendering, so in theory you don't even need to launch IR to set-up them :]

Playing around with the new clouds, love them so far!

Looking nice! Did you adjust contrast significantly? Your clouds looks much more punchy than what i usually get.

/prompt "highly detailed clouds over a stormy sky", in the style of renaissance painting, earthly tones

looks great! :)


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