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--- Quote from: brr on 2023-03-25, 15:42:05 ---Hello again,

I apologize if my second post in the same thread is considered flooding. I wanted to divide the issues into separate posts.

In this post, I want to discuss the missing flexibility of CoronaCurvature. It seems that its usage is currently limited.

For example, in my current project, I need to define convex edges and use them as a mask to generate metal damages and rusty effects.
However, when I apply CoronaCurvature, objects with edges near the front face and within the ray directionality radius start to display backedges on the front faces, causing issues.

This behavior is also observed in the official Corona tutorial, as can be seen here:
Jake presented a cabinet, and when he increased the maximum distance, inner edges began to pop up on the front faces.

Negative values in the "color spread" field do not solve the issue because we lose many convex edges.

It is also interesting to note that when I attach my geometry parts together, CoronaCurvature generates completely different results.

Please take a look at my attachments:

00.The official tutorial has issues too.jpg - screenshot from Jake's tutorial with the same issue.
01.Curvature-only.jpg - CoronaCurvature "sees" the edges that are behind.
03.Curvature-with-texture-plugged.jpg - the same situation with a texture plugged in.

I have also attached my test scene.

Currently, I have not found any way to solve this behavior.
Maybe someone has had the same situation and can recommend some workarounds?

Best regards

--- End quote ---

Hi, we will see to it if some further improvements can be introduced. Please stay posted.

(Internal ID=1112977186)

Hello Corona-Team,

Are there any potential plans for v12 to fix curvature-related issues?

Best regards

Depends what exactly you mean. :)
We have "ignore bump" option in the newest daily:


--- Quote from: maru on 2024-03-08, 17:29:25 ---Depends what exactly you mean. :)
We have "ignore bump" option in the newest daily:

--- End quote ---

Hello Maru,

The "Ignore bump" option is a must-have, for sure.
I am also referring to my post at , where we get not only the "real" edges of the objects, but also unwanted edges such as backside with a curvature map.

Hope you can fix this as well.

Sorry for the delay. This is still on the dev team todo, but no promises or specific dates at this time.


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