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Can't download invoice over FastSpring?


Lately i can't download my corona renderer invoice on the fastspring site, when i press the the download button in the upper right corner it just opens a new tab with the same site. Tried it in multiple browsers!

Any solution to this?

Hi, we have recently changed our e-commerce operator. This means that your invoice was either processed by FastSpring (in case of older orders) or 2Checkout (in case of newer orders). In case of FastSpring orders, the invoice should be still available for download in the Customer Zone, and you should have received an email including it to your registered email address. In case of 2Checkout orders, you need to contact our support team to request an invoice. We understand that this is not the most convenient solution, and we are working on improving it.

I will now contact you by email and will provide you with the requested documents.

In the future, please always contact us through this form rather than writing on the forum, especially in case of licensing/payment related issues.

Thank you!


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