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Do you integrate Corona in your design process?


Or other rendering software?

This is for all architects, engineers and designers in general. Lately, I find myself relying heavily on interactive rendering during the design process. It's feedback I can rely on in order to make spatial and visual decisions, as opposed to simple drawings. Does "simpler" software (or even a sheet of paper) suffice your needs for planning your projects? Or is Max/C4D the bulk of it, your go-to to create?

For my previous job we always started on paper with sketches but that was a job focused on product design. My current job doesn't require as much designing like that so yeah most of the time it is fastest to dive into 3ds max. Blockouts, storyboards etc.

Philip kelly:
I have nearly always gotten a sketch plan elevations etc to work from, from certain companies and work it up in max and corona as white models and they mark them up and send them back.
large scale master plans etc,
Hence the company name .....Sketchrender..........


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