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--- Quote from: Juraj on 2021-03-01, 15:04:11 ---Herman Miller (esp. COSM, Aeron (2nd), and Embody).

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Have you tried the Herman Millers Juraj? I am not the biggest fan of their design and also they are not very suitable for crosslegged sitting which unfortunatly I do too often. 
Maybe this would help get rid of it...

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I've been contractor for HM for almost a decade :- ) I've sat on all of their chairs many times. I am just also cheapskate..
What a heresy, design? They are the most beautiful and technically well executed chairs on market. Nothing even remotely compares.

But, I see you are a fellow just like me who likes to sit in worst possible way. Actually there is a chair for crosslegged setting designed by person from my country but I have yet to try it.
I have no idea if the chair is fantastic or absolutely terrible. But it is indeed quite original. I tried to find it in showrooms but then Covid hit and I forgot about it.

Namik Pirkic:
I have HM Mirra2. Was in a bit of doubt between Aeron and Mirra2, eventually tried Embody as well and ended up with Mirra2 being the most comfortable for my needs :)


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