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My back is demanding a seating upgrade and I was wondering if you guys have any tips or experiences you can share.
The sheer volume of office chairs is so big that I have successfully avoided this topic for too long it seems.

Any help greatly appreciated!

IKEA Markus is generally praised but it may be too big for you if you are short / slim.
You can check reviews like

Nejc Kilar:
Great topic and an interesting link Maru!

Honestly, I am always confused about the direction I should go in. I like the slim, super back supporting chairs but honestly, since I work from my home office, I sometimes like to get in a position that can only be described as "half laying" in my chair. Helps me rest my back muscles and get in a different position than the typically "straight up" one. So that said, the Ikea Markus doesn't look too comfortable to do that as its just not big nor puffy enough. Then again, those bigger "puffier" chairs typically do not offer as much back support as you'd expect.

So maybe I'm just weird and I should stick to just always sitting up straight but either way I echo the OPs message - Any help is greatly appreciated :))

Herman Miller (esp. COSM, Aeron (2nd), and Embody).

And I am not saying that just because my studio produced almost thousand images for them (Check their beautiful colorful website) :- ).

With that said.. I use much shittier JÄRVFJÄLLET from IKEA (Marcus was always pure unbriddled shit, but this one is much better designed).
I don't even know what that says about me...


--- Quote from: Juraj on 2021-03-01, 15:04:11 ---Herman Miller (esp. COSM, Aeron (2nd), and Embody).

--- End quote ---

Have you tried the Herman Millers Juraj? I am not the biggest fan of their design and also they are not very suitable for crosslegged sitting which unfortunatly I do too often. 
Maybe this would help get rid of it...


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