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Real or Not Real: Pham Anh Vu - Lego 6957

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Yes, but Fujifilm film didn't give you ultra-sharp crystal clear 4K image with fabulous microcontrast and details :- ), even if you could scan such clarity potentially (you can scan it 1200 DPI but doesn't mean the detail is truly there).
I have plenty of Kodak photos from childhood from pretty high end camera at that time and the look is just imcompatible with how renderings look nowadays.


--- Quote from: Juraj on 2020-11-20, 14:07:08 ---I instantly know something is CGI because they all share very similar look I named "High Quality Vintage"

--- End quote ---

Haha, that's a good name for it

Very impressive work indeed. The instant giveaway I see is the huge amount of chromatic abberation in the first shot.


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