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where do you get backplates?


hey guys.
i am working on this particular exterior scene, and i am really confused. having good quality hdris are a norm these days, but how about backplates for compositing in photoshop on post production?

is there any site with huge database for environment backplates with no license needed? stealing them on flickr i find odd, not to mention google search images, which most of the times are nothing but crappy resolution.

p.s. i know a few free hdri sites, but they offer very limited amount of free hdris, and most of them are pretty simple generic like blank skies.

In for answers. Good elevated and expansive backplates are like gold dust!

Well usually you get them from the person who sells the HDRI. For example we bought some HDRIs from and they came with backplates which are 5456 x 3632. I know Peter Guthrie also sells his with backplates and I assume most of the rest of the compnies selling HDRIs sell them with backplates.

In terms of free backgrounds HDRI Haven often have backplates with their HDRIs, which are free.
Recently I used some from
You can also find some on Deviant Art

I like to use flyingarchitecture ones - pretty wide range of different lighting and cloud scenarios

I recommend this page to you


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