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Photo montage people with professional shoot


Hi All,

I just got offered a new freelance project which includes working with a professional photoshoot of people which is intended to be inserted into my 3D interior scene. I haven't done anything like this before, and wanted to see if anyone has any advice for me. I don't have any details yet, but I'm imaging something like
or this:

Of course, I'll be using Corona, 3DS max and will obviously try to mimic the studio set-up as closely as possible to replicate lighting, shadows, camera angles etc nicely.

I'm not sure what I should be expecting, or what to look out for, or even what I should be communicating to the photographer about... so any advice is much appreciated!


Obviously, the most critical part of getting a good match later is camera and perspective. Either you provide the camera specs to the photographer with lens type, focal length and camera position and tilt info so he can do the shots that match your pre-produced backplates or the photographer provides the info so you'll be able to match his shots to your renders.
I've done this a few times and it's always a good idea to plan the shots, talk about it in person and document the shooting so he knows what you need and you know what he shot and how.
Are the 3d backplates finished and agreed upon by all parties? Or are you working based on the shooting? Either way, some sort of previz is invaluable and will help to avoid problems.

Thanks mate,

I appreciate the reply.

I forgot to mention, I'm sure the photographer will be using a Green-screen (again, no experience with these, so tips appreciated.)

You're right, modelling/planning the shots before as a solid reference point is a must.

Not sure which way it will work, but given I'm meeting the client next week, I'm sure I can begin to dictate what the process should be... so I'll suggest something along the lines of me developing a pretty final model before the photography session, then adjusting as needed based photo-set arrangement.

I could use the advice of pokoy for me. Thanks for explaining. its really interesting


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