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TED Talks on Arch Viz?


Marcellus Ludovicus:
Hi all,

As per the title, do you know of any video links  that discuss Arch Viz like the TED talks format?  Around 15-20 minutes would be good.  We are looking for medium to short length videos for our office brown bag lunches.  Something either to get us motivated or thinking about new ideas.  (Not an in depth tutorial)

Thanks for your input.


I've recently attended the state of art academy ADX in Venice, very inspiring people and talks going on there. There was a lot of film footage being taken so maybe thats available online for you guys to watch. "D2" is another conference that deals with cgi / archviz. I will see if i can find any and post a link later

Lot of Archviz Events have "talented" speakers who can make only 15 minutes worth of content stretch into boring 45 minutes :- ). Maybe you can download some of the archviz talks, and speed them up 3X, maybe even those might be worth watching then.

Not reason to watch ArchViz specifically at all, general creative business almost always applies as well, so does photography and business. It's better to get inspired outside of your own industry and find new ways to look at your work and apply new concepts.

I also have heard about ADX. Give it a try, maybe you will find it interesting


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