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Philip kelly:
I am sure I asked this before.

At present I am a Corona user.
I was Vray for years.
So Clients want high quality stills and animations these days.
The time lines are very tight, and the budgets are ok, but not very big.

So animation in Corona take time, beautiful but time and costly over time.

So should I go back to Vray and Vray of Unreal, so the work flow in linear.
Once everything is textured in Vray , output to vray for Unreal, and animations would be quicker........I am presuming.

Is there another solution, lumion twinmotion, and the quality is not there, sorry, but it is not, and neither is the link .

Thank you


if you are looking for budget friendly option i suggest you to go bak to using Vray. but if you want quality i thing corona gives more quality. moreover the out come depends on you. apps doesn't matters if you are skilled any one can work

Philip kelly:

Thank you, can't see how it would be cheaper long term, as purchasing a good GPU Card or 2  costs a wack still.
But thank you for the reply.

Hi. If you dont want to save money, use Vray. But corona is a qualitiy thing. Depends on what is important for you.


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