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CoronaDisplacementMod doesn't work with CoronaMultiMap

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I decided to make an old parquet with displacement and looks like I found a bug. Displacement applies only first map slot in the CoronaMultiMap and ignores any other slots.
On the attached render you can see only one type of displacement, but CoronaMultiMap has two different maps.

Works fine here. Can you show your multimap settings screen?

Here is settings. Maybe it's because of instances? And I using Corona 1.5 demo (without hotfixes)

Instance mode is working too. Could you attach simplified scene without textures? Perhaps that would help to faster find a problem.

Just a silly thought came to my mind, maybe you're confusing instances with elements? Does your parquet planks are separate objects or single mesh?

Edit: i just discovered that if your planks are instances and not unique objects, then indeed multimap passes through displacement only from one map. I think this is bug afterall, since diffuse is working as expected.


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